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17 Tricks Used By Food Delivery Hack Experts While Ordering Food Online

The use of food delivery applications has been a trend among busy eaters, so the cons with using them. It can sometimes be challenging to enjoy a good meal at a reasonable price via delivery. Other issues such as delay in meal delivery, deterioration during transport, under-processing of a meal by restaurants to meet with delivery have been points of concern to many food delivery app users.

This has led to the use of hacks to mitigate the odds, so you can efficiently order food online. In this post, we will review a series of tricks to save time and money when ordering food for delivery. You will indeed find these hacks very helpful.

What is a Food Delivery Hack?

Food delivery hacks are tricks delivery app users use to save money while ordering food online. In this context, the word “hack” has nothing to do with the ethical hacking of applications. It is a way to order food efficiently and save money. In general, hacks on food delivery aim to save money, get faster delivery, get a more significant portion of a meal, and get the best quality of food. Some hacks are often applied directly on food delivery services apps, while some are off-the-platform tricks.

A food delivery hacks expert is someone who uses some tricks to order food online cost-effectively and efficiently. A food delivery app hack expert will help you get the best offer and quality on your online food orders and save some expenses. You cannot become a hacking expert by just using delivery services. It takes mastering and knowing what the experts do.

What Does A Food Delivery Hack Expert Try To Achieve?

Save cost on menus and its Delivery

One of the primary reasons for using hacks on delivery apps is to save some expenses when ordering food online. Food delivery is relatively expensive compared to going for other options like takeout and dining in. Being a busy person, you may have no choice but to use a delivery option while ordering food online. However, you won’t want to drain your pocket just because you’re going for the convenience of delivery.

Food delivery hacks lovers look for ways to beat down the ordering costs and spare some expenses. This is usually done via promotional offers like discounts, coupons, reward programs, and many more. Some delivery hacks involve cutting out some kinds of meal or drinks, or the quantity of meal ordered, to spend less.

Get Quicker Delivery

“Whenever hunger hits me hard, I choose to spare no expense on meal delivery fees so I can get foods as fast as possible.” – Philip Johnson. Some people think that hacks are about saving costs alone. No, hacks could help anyone get a fast-food delivery near me. For example, some meals can take several minutes to prepare, invariably affecting the turnaround. For some consumers paying a high delivery cost is not the issue, but getting a meal as fast as possible.

Protip: Using food delivery aggregator platforms like eezly can help you compare delivery fees and expected delivery time. This hack could give you a hint on from which restaurant you should order your food. Also, some hacks involve avoiding ordering meals that do not get done quickly.

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Getting a meal delivered in its best condition

A delivery hack can make you order foods that will maintain their freshness and taste as it is before going on transit. Food delivery hacks can help to mitigate several delivery complications. An example is when you order noodles for delivery, and the noodles have become gooey on arrival. Everyone knows that noodles are best served when al dente has good soup. The soup can get absorbed by the noodles during transit making it gooey. You can ask that the soup be packaged separately from the noodles in such an instance. Alternatively, you can go for tasty soupless noodles. Another example is ordering a tubbed intact ice cream instead of a scooped ice cream for delivery. A scooped ice cream melts faster than the tubbed.

Some Tricks Are Being Used By Food Delivery Hack Experts

Food hack is not rocket science. It is based on knowing the tricks used by others and applying them. Before applying them, you can develop your food delivery hacks or add a twist to existing hacks. Here are some tricks food hacks lovers use on food delivery apps.

1. Choose restaurants that

Offer free delivery This hack will you to pay zero fees on delivery. You can avoid paying delivery fees by ordering from restaurants that offer free delivery. Therefore, before ordering food for delivery, look at the restaurants in your area that offer free delivery.

Protip: Try putting in your zip code for restaurant coupons or delivery services specific to your area. While you’re at it, be persuaded to look inside the coupon envelopes you receive in the mail and coupon.

2. Signup for a delivery subscription

If you order food delivery frequently, you can save by subscribing to a delivery service for a monthly fee. For example, some companies average CAD 4 – 5 per order, but if you sign up for a subscription, you can pay CAD 9.99 per month irrespective of the number of times you order in the month. Some services offer a 30-day free trial. You will pay zero shipping fees when you sign up for such a program.

3. Keep an eye out for coupons

You can find great one-time deals on food delivery by doing an online search for food delivery coupons. The key idea is that each delivery application has different promotional offers. The ideal way to not miss any promotion is to be subscribed to the emails list of the app so that you can get alerts of new promotions.

In addition, you can also check the social networks of food delivery apps since it is another way you can get information about discounts or coupons. You will find a code to save when ordering food at home.

Pro tip: Try putting in your zip code for restaurant coupons or delivery services specific to your area. While you’re at it, be persuaded to look inside the coupon envelopes you receive in the mail and coupon.

4. Participate in referral and get rewards

In addition to these one-off discounts, other food delivery apps hack to get points or rewards for inviting friends to install and use the app. As soon as you start using the application, you and your friends will receive some discount points that you can use in your future orders.

5. Stay tuned for delivery service promotions

Visit websites of food delivery services like eezly regularly for promotional codes and special offers. Restaurant delivery is a competitive industry, so you can stumble upon the delivery deal of a lifetime simply by checking out those sites regularly.

6. Compare Restaurants Delivery Rate

Not all delivery services charge the same rates. The charges vary widely by the restaurant, region, and city. Therefore, it is worth checking before ordering food at home and ordering a delivery service. You can save CAD 5 – 10 or more with a bit of research on which restaurants and delivery services offer free or reduced-rate delivery.

7. Sign up for the restaurants email list

Even if you have to pay a delivery fee for a particular restaurant, you may still be able to save money on food delivery if you get a coupon or free food when you register for the restaurant’s email distribution list.

8. Buy Gift Card

Many restaurants offer special gift card deals that can help you save money on the total cost of food and delivery. For example, when you buy a $50 gift card, you can receive an additional $10 gift card.

9. Check Chain Restaurant Websites for Coupons

Before ordering food for delivery, take some time to examine the restaurant’s website of your choice. Many restaurants have special discount coupons and special offers on their site. That way, you can reduce the final price of the food delivery to offset the shipping costs.

10. Order Cheaper Menus

The most popular food delivery hack to save money when ordering food is to choose a cheaper item from the menus. This can be done by using a food delivery aggregator application. Food delivery apps like eezly allow you to compare the menus occurrence different restaurants. Go for the cheapest menu to save some cost.

11. Skip the Extra

Ordering extra stuff like ice cream, beer, coke, juice, wine, appetizers, etc., can double the price of your order. That stuff can increase your bills when you want to checkout. Therefore, try to take them off your order list if you want to order food on a budget.

12. Reduce Your Rate of Ordering Food

When you place an order, the price of the food itself is not your only cost. Shipping and service fees can add 2.50 and 10.50 CAD to each order. Knowing ways to cut those costs can help you keep your overall delivery budget in check.

13. Avoid Double Tipping Delivery Men

Tipping food delivery drivers is an excellent gesture to encourage delivery drivers. It is also a hack to get your food order prioritized and delivered swiftly. However, you must ensure that you are not tipping the delivery person twice. You might wonder how. Some delivery services already include tips for delivery men in the total charges. Tipping the delivery person on arrival again will be a double tip. While double tipping is not bad, it may not be ideal if you are on a low budget. A better way to be aware of this is by checking your receipt for a cost breakdown.

14. Always take into account the reviews of other users

Quickly reviewing reviews before ordering a restaurant delivery will let you know if the portions are large, and you can order less or minor. You should order more or consider changing restaurants. Be that as it may, reviewing the other evaluations will help you save when ordering delivery. In addition, you will know which dishes are most successful and which are less recommended by other customers.

15. Buy directly at restaurants.

Many restaurants have launched to manage their delivery and take away service. Some restaurants allow you to place orders from their website, while in others, you can get in touch with their social networks or through a phone call. Booking the food directly at the restaurant you are interested in will allow you to save on the intermediation costs of delivery applications. And if you also follow them on social networks, you can be aware of any special promotion you can save on your food delivery order.

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16. Order meal for several

People Placing an order for several people instead of one will allow you to eliminate shipping costs, especially when you have a minimum quantity to buy before getting discounts. You can benefit from packs designed for groups and share several dishes so, if there are several of you at home who agree to order together and enjoy delivery orders for less.

17. Use Only Local Food Delivery Apps

This is one of the food delivery app hacks that most people are unaware of. Using multinational food apps like UberEats and the likes. Using services like UberEats is relatively expensive compared to local food delivery apps like eezly. Local food delivery apps offer cheaper and excellent services and customer support.

Now that we have shown you some tricks to save money when ordering delivery, all that remains is to think about what to order. Which of the food delivery apps do you use the most? We recommend that you try out the eezly Montreal food delivery app to get the best offers.

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