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5 Best Foods to Order for Delivery in Montreal

Food delivery is trending owing to the convenience it offers to busy eaters and those who want to enjoy some meals with their loved ones at home. If you are a regular user of food delivery services in Montreal, you may already have some menus that you want to order for delivery on your list. Also, new local food app users might be puzzled with coming up with ideas of the best food for delivery in Montreal.

However, choosing the best food for delivery requires that you look far beyond the available and inviting menus on a food delivery app. While a menu can be good, inviting, tasty and delicious, it does not necessarily make it an ideal food for delivery. In other words, your favorite menu that you order when you dine in a restaurant may not be perfect for collecting via local delivery apps.

This is because choosing a delivery food in Montreal involves looking into several factors that will assure that your ordered meal has the same level of sensory qualities acceptance, as though you eat it in the restaurant. Some critical factors to consider when planning ordering menus for delivery include the time it takes to prepare the meal, the storage temperature of the meal during transit, adequacy of packaging for transport, and the condition at which the food is delivered.

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The latter point mentioned in the above sentence deserves your ramp attention. Some foods do not maintain their flavor and other sensory qualities after delivery. For example, noodles are best when served immediately after preparation. If the sauce is added to noodles when packaged for delivery, the noodles will absorb the sauce and become soft and sticky when delivered. Who would want to eat a noodle that is not al dente?

Another scenario is when French fries are packaged for delivery. Vapors from the fried can re-condense on the packaging while on transit and absorb the fries, making it soggy. And you know that when fries are not crispy, they are appealing. So, we have come up with the best food for delivery in Montreal.

1. Noodles

Noodles are one of the hottest meals that food delivery apps users often order, possibly because of the short time it takes to deliver to them. It might surprise you that noodles go into our list of the best food for delivery, in contrast with our earlier written text. Yes, noodles meals are perfect for ordering via delivery, only if transiting complications can be checked.

The primary issue with noodles delivery is transit shaking mixes the soup with the noodles while on transit. This could make the noodles gooey and leave with less soup. The perfect way delivery services can avoid this is by packaging the soup and noodles separately. Also, any toppings to be added should be side-dressed. Alternatively, you can go for soupless noodles, which will be fresher and tastier on delivery.

2. Soups

Hot and steamy soups are also suitable for delivery. This is because soups tend to retain heat while in transit and not lose their taste. Moreover, you can quickly heat soups if they get cold while in transit without losing their consistency.

3. Pizza

Pizza is one of the most remembered options when searching for the best food for delivery in Montreal; hence it couldn’t be left out. Long before food delivery services like eezly became popular, pizza delivery has been in existence. Pizza can keep well at any temperature, even when taken on a long transit. Also, it is easy to warm it without losing taste. You can also eat it either cold or hot.

There are several pizza flavors all over Montreal, and you can savor your taste with the classic Margherita, four kinds of cheese, pepperoni, chicken, and mozzarella. You can also try out other options like the volcano-style stuffed edges, functional pizza doughs, such as wholegrain, zero lactose and gluten-free, pizza with different cheese on the top, such as buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, and parmesan, and pizza with vegan options, with dough filling without animal derivatives, and subway pizza.

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4. Barbecue

Barbecue is also delivery-friendly food that you can order on any local food app in Montreal. Barbecue retains its flavor when transported to a long distance. More so, barbecue taste is excellent if it’s not too cold. On the other hand, steak and grilled meat may not be ideal for ordering via delivery.

This is because most restaurants practice carryover cooking for some meat products to meet the delivery timeline. In carryover cooking, it is believed that meat continues cooking after the heat source has been removed. This is due to heat transfer from the hotter outer part of the meat to its core. The concern here is the heart may not be adequately cooked to its core.

5. Desserts

Everyone likes a sweetie after a meal. Ordering a different sweet for that special meal can also be a good idea. Except for ice cream, most desserts are suitable for delivery because they do not need any thermal packaging to preserve them.

Most of them retain their sensory qualities at ambiance and do not need any packages to keep them warm. Some of the dessert options you can order via delivery apps: mousses, cheesecakes, pies, cakes, pudding, brownies, sweet rice, cupcakes, chocolate fondue, mini Churros, peas, etc.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to order frozen desserts like ice cream by delivery due to the constraint of transport. To order ice cream by delivery, you need to think about thermal packaging that can keep it at an appropriate temperature until it reaches your hands. Also, ice cream scooped from a container will melt faster. You might need to go for a package that is more intact and melt slowly if you want to order ice cream via delivery.

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In conclusion, we hope this article has guided you in knowing some of the best foods for delivery in Montreal. Do you know more delivery-friendly foods that we didn’t mention? Kindly drop it in the comments section below. If you want to order food online via a local app in Montreal, we recommend using the eezly Montreal food delivery app. You will get the best meal offers and faster delivery service on the app.

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