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Christmas is one of the main festivals that is being celebrated in around the world and it is fast approaching. Knowing that Christmas is a season that your loved ones come around to feast with you, so you need to offer them excellent and tasty meal options that will make them have the memory of Christmas. 

However, coming up with a good Christmas dinner ideas could be challenging. We are giving you a list of simple Christmas dinner recipes that your loved ones will like. You might want to  choose from our lists in the 30 healthy cheap dinner ideas for everyone as they also suit for Christmas dinner. However, we have included some economical Christmas dinner ideas so that you can save some money. Being aware that the Christmas period is the time that everyone spend the most; on clothing, presents, decoration, etc. 


To start this Christmas dinner off on the right foot, you will have to serve the starters soon after your loved ones arrive. We selected the best ones for you to choose which you prefer.

1. Bruschetta

We are starting this Christmas dinner idea list with the traditional bruschetta. The bruschetta is a toast with a vinaigrette on top, it is delicious, basic, and economical. 

2. Chicken Pate for Party

This is a delicious recipe for chicken pate, which is very simple and quick to make. You can serve it with toast or mini-sandwiches, which is also super charming. 

3. Breaded Brie

Breaded brie is a more sophisticated Christmas dinner idea. Very crunchy on the outside and creamy inside; there won’t be a guest who doesn’t like it. To make the breaded brie is very simple, and you can combine it with jams. 

4. Zucchini Pesto

If you want to please everyone and serve a lighter dish with your Christmas dinner, try making the zucchini pesto, which is very simple to prepare, and everyone likes it. Zucchini pesto is also known as zucchini butter, it is very creamy and is perfect with toasted toast. 

5. Black Olives Pâté

You can serve the olive pate with canapés, it’s super chic! 


Make the right choice of side dish to serve with the roast. Depending on the roast you are serving, you can choose more than one option. Here, we suggest 5 side options to make it easier to vary and combine with the meat.

6. Christmas Rice 

Christmas rice is that super enhanced rice that mixes flavors in a perfect combination, it is colorful, tasty and the best thing is that it is very quick to make. 

7. Chicken Fricasse with Potato Straw

This is the darling of every supper. You wouldn’t want to miss this delicious recipe for francesh fricasse with straw potatoes that is very quick and very easy to prepare. You can make it as your Christmas dinner and receive lots of compliments! 

8. Risotto with vegetables

Risotto with vegetables is a lighter option for the Christmas menu. If you decide this dish, you need to choose a beautiful wine that harmonizes with it. 

9. Greek Rice Recipe

Greek rice is a special accompaniment that you would like to eat all year round. At Christmas dinner, it stands out, and is one of the dishes most people make for dinner, because it goes well with almost everything. 

10. Piamontese Rice

Piedmontese risotto is such a simple dish, but it is magnificent. It deviates a bit from the traditional, but you’ll leave your guests with their mouths watering. 

11. Special Salpicao

This sausage cannot be missing from the Christmas table. Although each person has a different version of sausage, but it’s a special type of sausage.

12. Caramelized Onion

Caramelized onions look great on any dish. You can roast it and put it with meat too. This accompaniment option is delicious if you serve it with a dish that has fruit, such as pineapple. 

13. Party Rice 

The name says it all! After all, Christmas is a party, a family celebration. So delicious, this rice looks great on the table and will also go with any roast. 


14. Roasted Christmas Turkey

Let’s start the list of main dishes for Christmas dinner with the big star of the night, because it’s the most important dish at the party, and it has to be very good. The big star of the night is for sure the Christmas turkey, but you can substitute it for Chester, loin, tender, or cod. 

15. Oven Roasted Pork Loin

Pork loin is also one of the favorites of the Christmas dinner, this is good for people who always like to have more than one option, to please everyone. 

16. Stuffed Chester for Christmas

To save on Christmas dinner, one of the options you can do is the stuffed Chester, it tastes as good as the turkey. 

17. Codfish 

Cod is also an integral part of the Christmas festivities and helps you to diversify your main dishes. 

18. Turducken 

Turducken is without a doubt the most sophisticated dish on this list. If you want to have an economical Christmas dinner, turducken is not the best option. But if you want to cause and want to add a touch of sophistication to your dinner, turducken is perfect. It will steal the show and your guests will spend the year talking about it. 

19. Tender Roast 

The tender is that delight that is already part of the official Christmas table! As it is already semi-prepared, it is quick to prepare, and it is possible to improve the accompaniment a little more.

20. Stuffed Boneless Chicken

It is very interesting to have a more common meat in the dinner, so you can please all tastes. You can use your creativity and transform the dish that is already super common on Sundays with the family and make it more refined.


We’ll give you some salad options, so you can combine with your supper, if you want you can make more than one as well, everyone tastes salad and there’s never any leftovers.

21. Screw Pasta Salad

One of the most requested salads for Christmas dinner! The screw pasta salad is traditional and everyone likes it, and it goes well with any roast. You will love this delicious recipe! 

22. Mayonnaise Salad

Very traditional and basic, and always remember that the doctor’s recommendation is to always have the dish colored. So it’s worth investing in this salad recipe. 

23. Chickpea salad

Christmas is a festive season and there is a high tendency for overeating. Chickpea salad is very light, simple, and tasty. 

24. Coleslaw with Mayonnaise

This is a salad that is already traditional in everyday life, but you can add it as an option to your Christmas dinner.

25. Layered Fruit Salads

In this list of Christmas dinner ideas, we could not miss an option of fruit salad, and right away we chose the prettiest and tastiest right away. 

26. Lentil Salad

Lentil salad is certainly a guarantee of success, so it’s worth adding this option to your Christmas table.

27. Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Salad

Here, the suggestion is to prepare a salad that includes roasted cabotiá pumpkin and cauliflower, apple, lemon juice, raisins, roasted almonds, parsley, quinoa, salt, and pepper. The result is a delicious, vegan dish that will make your dinner delicious!

28. Marinated beet salad

This is another vegan dish option for your Christmas dinner. For preparation, the cooked beetroot pieces should marinate for about 30 minutes in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, sugarcane syrup, salt, and pepper. Then, just drain the broth and mix the beets with leaves, grated carrots and chopped walnuts.


Crumbs have a variety of options. We have selected the best ones for you to choose, remembering that they are all very easy to make.

29. Christmas crumbs with carrots

This one is a classic crumb that won’t be missing from your Christmas dinner. This is the perfect crumb that goes with a roast turkey or any other roast you’re going to make. 

30. Stuffy with Raisin

The recipe for Farofa with raisins is one of the simplest recipes and is the most traditional accompaniment for Christmas dinner. 

31. Chester crumbs

This is that crumb you can make at dinner or at Christmas lunch the next day, it’s simple and goes well with any roast. 

32. Christmas crumb recipe with fruits

Fruit crumbs are the sweethearts of Christmas and dinner. You will not to skip this in your Christmas dinner.


To finish off the Christmas dinner, you can serve some dessert. Here are some delicious and affordable options.

33. Traditional French Toast

French toast is a dessert that conquers all generations and is also the most economical dessert on our list.

34. Platter Pudding That Doesn’t Go In The Oven

This pudding is the face of Christmas! It is very simple to make, perfect for those who don’t know what to serve for Christmas dinner and have to prepare something fast. The platter pudding is made in a blender and yields a lot. 

35. Chic Dessert

Christmas dinner is where you gather your family and friends to celebrate something as special as Christmas. For you to please their visits, it is ideal to serve something made with love and affection. For the very special moment, a fancy dessert will be very welcomed. 

36. French Toast Brigadier

The French toast brigadeiro is an unusual and delicious dessert. Everyone who eats it will fall in love with this recipe. 

37. Cup Cake 

If you want to serve a cake for Christmas dessert, a cupcake is a good option, in addition to being very traditional, it is simple to make. 

38. Decorated Christmas Cookies

The famous Christmas cookies couldn’t be missing from our Christmas list, it’s already traditional, and you can also order it online via food delivery services like eezly.

39. Charlotte of Panettone

Panettone Charlotte is a more refined and sophisticated dessert option, it is a very tasty dessert and is ready in a moment. 


At Christmas dinner, instead of thinking about quantities, the recommended thing is to bet on variety, and in this list of drinks for dinner, we’ll give you my best options.

40. Fruit caipirinha

Let’s start with a special caipirinha that I make every year at my house. 

41. Coconut shake

Coconut shake is special and very tasty drink that is perfect for Christmas.

42. Homemade Champagne

For a wonderful dinner, homemade Champagne is ideal. And you don’t need to be a master to make this recipe. 

43. Caipirinha Of Strawberry

A very sweet and light caipirinha too, ideal for those who don’t like to drink too much. 

44. Pineapple Shake

This is another recipe for a drink to rock the dinner, you can serve the pineapple shake directly on the fruit. 

45. Easy Kiwi Caipirinha

Kiwi fruit is an irresistible fruit and the drink is sensational, everyone will love this caipirinha. 


After supper, everyone is chatting and relaxing, talking about the year and planning for the coming year. It’s always good to serve some light snacks after supper to your guests.

46. Christmas Snack With Fruits

This is the lightest and simplest snack for you to serve after supper, it is an ideal option to decorate the Christmas table as well. 

47. Sweet Peanut

Sweet peanuts are a snack that you can always serve when your friends come over and you don’t have much to serve them.

48. Onion Stuffed With Cheese

Show that you are a good host and fancy a snack for everyone to praise and speak well of your culinary skills. The stuffed onion is that typical tidbit that no one can resist.

49. Crackling in the Pressure Cooker

It goes without saying that crackling is the perfect snack for any time, and we include it in this list of Christmas snacks because it can be made in a few minutes. 

50. Fried Cod Dumpling

Codfish recipes always remind you of the family, and the codfish cake is ideal to eat after dinner. 

51. Breaded Shrimp Recipe

And as on this list I like to vary with economical recipes and more sophisticated recipes, the breaded shrimp is a snack that everyone likes and everyone wants. 

In conclusion, we hope that this article has provided you with an endless list of excellent Christmas dinner ideas that you can cook yourself or order on a food delivery app like eezly. If you have any comments, kindly drop it in the comments’ section below.

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