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7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That You Can Prepare for Breakfast in Less Than 15 Minutes

Breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day, however, it is often being skipped due to the time constraints in preparing it. Surely, on more than one occasion you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but often neglect it because you are usually in a hurry in the morning. Of course, no one will want to spend hours preparing a meal at the expense of their job or career. Today, we bring you simple and healthy smoothie recipe ideas that you can prepare for breakfast in less than 15 minutes. 

1. Vegan pineapple and coconut smoothie bowl with red berries. Healthy smoothie recipe

7 healthy smoothie recipe

Smoothies are an excellent option for a fresh, tasty, and filling breakfast. Smoothies are a shake that incorporates many ingredients that give it a thick consistency. The advantage is that it allows you to play with many ingredients to make it more complete, turning them into nutritious, refreshing, and quick breakfasts. We bring you an easy recipe of pineapple and coconut smoothie bowl with red berries. This recipe is an ideal meal for one person or a meal for a large group and can be prepared at home. Per serving this vegan dish provides up to 34% carbohydrates, 11% protein, and 55% vitamins. It can also provide up to 390kcal per serving. This pineapple and coconut smoothie bowl with red berries is an excellent alternative for vegans as it includes only ingredients of plant origin. However, it can be consumed by anyone as part of a great breakfast. You can prepare it as a snack as this dish provides a considerable amount of energy derived mainly from nuts (almonds and grated coconut). It is also very satiating given the amount of fiber it has.

This smoothie bowl is a good source of potassium. It is ideal to replenish energy after an intense morning workout. It is also a source of antioxidants, good fats, magnesium, and natural sugars. In addition, you can change the cherries and strawberries for other fruits of your liking, and add seeds or other nuts as a topping for this dish.


  • 100 ml of coconut milk 
  • 3 tablespoons of grated coconut 
  • 20 grams of almonds
  • 3 cherries
  • 3 fresh strawberries
  • 3 slices of fresh pineapple.


Start this smoothie bowl or shake by peeling the pineapple and remove its hard center. Cut it into slices and freeze it for one to two hours. Once the pineapple is cold or frozen, place it in a mincer or blender along with the coconut milk and two tablespoons of grated coconut. Beat it until you get a creamy preparation and pour the very cold mixture into a bowl or deep plate. Finish this by adding fresh cherry that has been previously washed and cut into pieces. Add almonds and one more tablespoon of grated coconut and it’s ready to consume!

2. Chocolate Date Oatmeal Smoothie for breakfast.

Chocolate, date, oatmeal smoothies is another healthy breakfast option. The total time required to prepare this meal is 5-minutes. You can add sugar or substitute it with another sweetener, in this case with dates. The addition of dates will enhance the flavor of the smoothie. 

Ingredients (For 2 persons)

  • One big banana
  • One pitted dates
  • 60g oatmeal, 400ml almond milk
  • 60g chocolate chips or grated chocolate without sugar
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon.


Put the chocolate and the rest of the ingredients in a food processor and beat until you get a smooth consistency. If necessary add more milk until you get the desired consistency and serve immediately. Ensure that you prepare it with chilled ingredients so that the chocolate, dates, and oatmeal smoothie will be delicious. If you keep the blend in the fridge for some minutes it will have gained more flavor. To complete this breakfast meal, you can accompany it with some whole grain cookies.

3. Kiwi, avocado, and pear smoothie: healthy recipe

Kiwi, avocado, and pear smoothie offer a lot of vitamins. It is a satisfying and very nutritious drink, so it does not need any accompaniment. The best time to make this recipe is in the morning after exercising. It is also a delicious and refreshing drink that can brighten up the afternoon when a hunger bug starts knocking on the door and you are looking for a healthy way to calm it.

Ingredients (For 4 people)

  • One ripe banana
  • Two kiwis
  • One avocado
  • One pear
  • 125ml natural yogurt 
  • 100ml milk
  • 40g honey
  • 30g oat bran
  • 5g ground ginger
  • 10g grated coconut
  • 6 – 8 ice cubes


First, add the yogurt and milk to the blender or any other type of electric mixer or food processor. It is important that it is a powerful blender; a glass blender will not work because at the end of the process you have to crush ice. Next, you peel and chop the banana, kiwis, avocado, pear, and add them to the blender and blend until there are no pieces of fruit left. Add the honey, the oat bran, the ginger, and the grated coconut and crush again. Test the sweetness and rectify if necessary. You can add more honey if you want a sweeter smoothie. Finally, add the ice cubes to the blender glass and blend until they are no longer noticeable. Serve immediately and enjoy it!

4. Acai bowl, Healthy Smoothie Recipe

The acai bowl is one of the best ways to start the day. It is the best and healthiest breakfast when you need a powerful energy boost to start the morning without getting exhausted. Its preparation is simple, you just have to crush milk, powdered acai, and frozen fruit and decorate it with cereals, seeds, nuts, or whatever you like the most.

The acai is considered a superfood; it is rich in antioxidants, calcium, protein, fiber, and more. It helps to keep the immune system strong and prevent cardiovascular diseases. These berries which look like blueberries are grown in Brazil and are exported, dehydrated, and pulverized. Being such an extremely complete and nutritious preparation, the acai bowl does not need much accompaniment. If you take it to start the day, you will be full of energy until lunchtime. 

Ingredients (For 2 persons)

  • Two Banana fruits (frozen) 
  • 40 blueberries fruits (frozen) 
  • 25 raspberries (frozen)
  • 6 almonds
  • 150ml milk
  • 5 g ground acai
  • Poppy seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Apples.


The total time for preparation is 10 minutes. It is necessary that you have the fruits frozen so that the consistency is creamy. To do this, peel and cut the bananas into slices and freeze them before preparation. Ensure that the blueberries and raspberries are also frozen.

Place the frozen fruits in the glass of a powerful blender together with the almonds. Add half of the milk and the ground acai (five grams corresponds to a tablespoon amount). Blend until homogenized and test the thickness. Add the rest of the milk little by little and blend again until it reaches the desired consistency.

It is very important to have a powerful mixer as the pieces of frozen fruits will offer a lot of resistance. Any American blender is good for it. You can also make the acai bowl with thermomix. 

5. Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl with Seeds and Red Berries.

The mango and banana smoothie bowl with seeds and red berries is a great meal for breakfast or snack that you can have between meals when you need an extra dose of energy. Ideally, use a portion of the frozen base fruit and blend into a thick, creamy texture typical of smoothies – a key difference for me from a regular shake. The consistency has to allow you to eat it with a spoon as if it is a thick purée. You can accompany other ingredients to get a crunchy touch and a delicious result.

Ingredients for 1 large serving

  • 1 small ripe mango 
  • 1 ripe banana (half frozen and half raw)
  • 2 – 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • 1 pinch of ground turmeric, lime, or lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of peeled and chopped almonds
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh or frozen red berries


You can use the mango as it is or freeze it before using it. It is very practical to have portions of peeled and chopped ripe fruit in the freezer, especially mango, red berries, pineapple, and banana. In any case, it is preferable that it is very cold. The banana for this recipe can be frozen an hour before making it. Divide the banana into two portions, take half of the portion, and reserve the other half in the fridge.

Peel the mango and chop it, collecting the juices that it releases. Blend in a blender or food processor. Add the yogurt and blend a little more. Add half of the frozen banana and blend with the turmeric until it is incorporated into the base cream. Taste and add lime or lemon juice or more yogurt as you like it. Mix it and dispense in a bowl that is not too flat. Complete by adding the rest of the peeled and sliced ​​banana, the chia seeds, the pumpkin seeds, and the red fruits, which can be directly from the freezer. Finish with some almonds, which you can lightly toast in a frying pan without oil.

The mango and banana smoothie bowl with seeds and berries should be served immediately, as this will preserve all its texture and the extra ingredients will not soften. You can add other ingredients or substitute some of those suggested to taste, for example with sesame seeds, walnuts or hazelnuts, a tablespoon of tahini, grated coconut, etc.

6. Green kiwi, arugula, and oatmeal smoothie bowl: recipe for a healthy smoothie recipe breakfast

 The green smoothie bowl with kiwi, arugula, and oatmeal is a perfect healthy breakfast. This green smoothie bowl with kiwi, arugula, and oatmeal feels great first thing in the morning or mid-morning, depending on your breakfast routine. You can also take it as a snack when the body demands extra energy. The base can be made in advance and the extra ingredients can be added at the time of serving.

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 1 ripe kiwi
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 sliced ​​natural pineapple
  • One tablespoon oatmeal
  • Dates a
  • A bunch of arugulas
  • Milk or oatmeal drink
  • Papaya or mango
  • Blueberries or raspberries
  • Strawberry or cherries
  • Chia or poppy or sesame seeds
  • Grated coconut


The total time required for preparation is 10 minutes. If you want a thicker texture and if you like it very cold, peel the banana, cut it into slices and freeze it in an airtight bag the previous night before the day. Cut the kiwi in half and remove the seed. Chop and place with the banana in a food processor or blender.

Cut a slice of natural pineapple, preferably one that is ripe and juicy. Remove the crust and the hardest central core. Chop and add to the mincer. Remove the seed from the date, chop and blend with the fruit and a tablespoon of rolled oats. Put the arugula in the processor and blend again until a homogeneous creamy texture is obtained. Afterward, add oat milk until the desired texture is achieved. If you want your smoothie to be thicker, add a little more oat flakes. Serve in a bowl and garnish with sliced ​​peeled papaya or mango, chopped blueberries, and cherries or strawberries, some grated coconut, and sprinkled sesame, poppy, or chia seeds.

7.  Smoothie bowl of strawberries, banana, and fresh cheese with oats.  Healthy smoothie recipe

healthy smoothie recipe

The smoothie bowl with strawberries, banana, and fresh cheese with oats is perfect to start the day with energy. This recipe is ideal for breakfast or mid-morning, and it’s also great to recharge your batteries at snack time. It can even be enjoyed as a dessert or to start any lunch. It feels great after a sports session on days when you have more hours of sun and higher temperatures, the desire to take fresher and lighter dishes like this smoothie always come. 

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 1 fresh or frozen banana 
  • About 6 frozen strawberries
  • 120 g of fresh whipped cheese
  • 1 teaspoon of 100% natural peanut or almond cream
  • 2 tablespoons of rolled oats
  • Vanilla powder or ground (optional)
  • 1 lime or 1/2 lemon
  • 1 fresh strawberry
  • Seeds (chia, poppy, flax, hemp, sesame …)
  • Grated coconut
  • Almonds or walnuts


The recipe couldn’t be simpler, you can prepare it with a glass blender or with a food processor. It is better to prepare it at the time of serving, although you can prepare the base and add the toppings when serving.

Cut the stem of the strawberries, wash and drain them. Peel the banana and cut into slices. Place these fruits and the fresh cheese in the blender, add the teaspoon of peanut or almond cream, the rolled oats, the vanilla, and the juice and zest of the washed lime.

Blend everything very well in several batches and stir it if necessary, until you obtain a good homogeneous texture. Adjust the amount of cheese or oatmeal to taste, if you want it to be thicker. Take a bowl and decorate it with an extra washed and laminated strawberry, berries, or some other fresh or frozen fruit. Add the seeds of your choice (in my case, black sesame and hemp), fine rolled oats, and almonds or walnuts.

In conclusion, we hope you like these healthy breakfast ideas from smoothies. If you do not have time to prepare it at home, you can order online using the eezly app. Let us know your opinion about these recipes in the comment section below, thank you.

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