You are currently viewing eezly is here to redefine the status quo of online food delivery

eezly is here to redefine the status quo of online food delivery

Who isn’t interested in saving time and most importantly money? eezly is a new way to do it and has arrived to change the way we look at food delivery and its prices. Want to know more about this revolutionary idea? Read on and be the first to know about the new era of food delivery!

eezly announced its official entry into the food delivery market by launching its eezly app in order to develop the first marketplace in Canada for online food price aggregator. In other words, is similar to and Trivago, but for online food delivery.

eezly is a company that focuses on the core value of challenging the status quo, with the main purpose of helping people live more efficient lives and make better purchasing decisions. The idea of optimizing the way people order food online came in the summer of 2020, when the founder, Phil Dallaire, was living in Shenzhen, China. Having experienced the convenience of technology in China, he wanted to create a delivery platform for the North American market that would focus not only on food, but on the essentials of everyday life.

After his initial research, Phil identified a problem that was not addressed by any solution in the market: “With so many delivery apps, how can people know if they got the best price when ordering food or products online? In most cases, people wonder if they could have paid less by ordering on another app. There are probably millions of people who would like a solution to this problem”. “This gap analysis turned out to be the catalyst that eventually led to the creation of eezly.

The eezly family defines it as “a unique online food ordering platform that combines the element of food aggregation with that of a search and comparison service“. The eezly platform offers customers a convenient and transparent way to compare prices from different food delivery companies, ensuring they get the best value for money.

Features and benefits of include:

  • Better and smarter purchasing decisions.
  • Only one account is needed
  • Saves time and money
  • The restaurant keeps more in their pockets.

In fact, has one of the lowest commission rates in the industry, at 8% + 0.40 per order, which allows restaurants to keep more in their pockets.

This application allows restaurants the ability to sell their meals with a single click through a unique and exceptional solution in the market. It therefore, satisfies the need for restaurants to sell online, improving the shopping experience and leveraging advertising into activities that lead users to purchase.

It also allows users to view all their meals with the different prices they can get in the different applications in just one click. Its unique price comparison function allows you to compare the prices of different meal delivery services by cheapest or fastest before paying directly in the eezly app.

After reading this, what are you waiting for? Download the eezly app now on the App store or Google Play store and take part into the revolution of online food delivery.

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