fr-Groceries-And-Save-Money Find 9 Best Food Delivery Services You Should Try Out in Montreal

Find 9 Best Food Delivery Services You Should Try Out in Montreal

Best Food Delivery Services You Should be Trying Out in Montreal

Food delivery services have become more and more popular in recent years. Gone are the days of going out to eat, as it is now easier than ever before to get your favorite meal delivered straight to your door!

Ordering food from one of Montreal’s many food delivery restaurants can be a great option, but with so many options available, it can be a tough job knowing the best food delivery service. If you’ll like to know the things you need to consider before deciding which food delivery company to choose in Montreal, we recommend that you read this post 13 Things to Know Before Trying a Food Delivery Service in Montreal.

There are plenty of places to order food in Montreal. However, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a comprehensive directory of all the best restaurants that offer delivery in Montreal, so you don’t have to spend your time searching through various websites. The list consists of some of the best food delivery services in Montreal with descriptions and reviews on what they offer as well as prices and other information that might help you make your decision about which one to order from the next time you are hungry.

All you need to do is browse our listings, find what looks good to you, order it online and wait for your delicious meal! The directory covers all types of cuisines, including vegan and vegetarian options too – whatever your taste buds crave!


One of the benefits of using local-based food delivery applications is that their services are relatively cheaper compared to multinational companies that operate in Montreal to offer food delivery services. 

  1. Eezly
  2. UEAT
  3. Radish Coop
  4. EVA
  5. RestoLoco
  6. CHK PLZ
  7. Pizzli
  10. Tik Tak Express
  11. Door Dash
  12. Skip the dishes
  13. Fantuan Delivery
  14. FaceDrive Foods
  15. Uber Eats

  1. Eezly

#1 Food Delivery Service in Montreal

9 Best Food Delivery Services You

eezly is a food delivery aggregator. A food delivery aggregator is an application that features different food delivery services in a single platform. It is like having multiple food delivery apps on a single platform. eezly food delivery app is a food delivery service aggregator platform that offers this exceptional service in Montreal. 

The advantage of using eezly over any other food delivery service is that it offers a convenient way of comparing prices of food delivery across different restaurants in Montreal, ensuring that you get the best deal for your searched meal. More so, eezly is proudly Montréalais and offers close to a hundred restaurants to order from before choosing your delivery service at the checkout.

As of today, eezly users can filter their delivery option by cheapest or fastest and choose between two local delivery companies, which are EVA and Tik Tak Express. Over the upcoming months, eezly intends to add many more delivery options to its app, including the different platforms mentioned below.

The most notable feature of the eezly food app is that it allows users to compare prices of food delivery services so that they can choose whatever is in their budget. It is a very good feature because not everyone can afford the extra delivery charges. Having clear information about who is charging what will allow easy selection.

This food delivery service in Montreal will save you time and money whenever you will be craving some delicious meals. The customer-friendly UI and features like price comparison and transparent pricing will help cut down the stress of extensive searching just to order food in your budget. 

Reasons To Buy:

Instantly compare the food delivery prices with other apps.
The price comparison feature allows you to see in detail where every dollar spent is going.
Do not charge extra fees.
Need only one account to order from all the food delivery partners.

  1. UEAT

Best Food Delivery Service Overall

This company can be mistaken for UEAT, but they are different companies. UEAT is an online food ordering platform that is a local company in Quebec, while UberEat is not. This company has partnerships with several restaurants in Montreal like Five Guys, Paccini, Mandy’s, Allomococo, etc. UEAT allows customers to order from their favorite restaurants without creating an account and have it delivered to their doorsteps. UEAT doesn’t personally handle the delivery itself; it’s either handled by their restaurant partners or third-party delivery companies. The delivery cost is determined by the restaurant from which you are ordering and the charge may vary, depending on the quantity of your order and the distance of delivery. 

  1. Radish Coop

Best Cost-Effective Montreal Food Delivery Service

This company runs a cooperative business model, which allows restaurants, delivery agents and consumers to participate in making operational decisions. This food delivery service also helps you processes payment for your food order via card, if you don’t want to pay in cash. More so, it handles the delivery service itself without using a third party company. Some benefits of using Radish Coop are their low delivery fee, their personalized service and their awesome customer service team. On top of that, they have a good selection of local restaurants to order from. If you are also looking for a free food delivery in Montreal then try Radish Coop. There are higher chances you might find a place near you offering free food delivery.

  1. EVA

Best 24/7 Available Food Delivery Service

EVA is another cooperative delivery company, but with a completely different model. This company had an incredible success by starting as a rideshare service in Montreal before going into food delivery. EVA currently has over 2,000 members. One of the main difference with Radish is that Eva doesn’t have its own food ordering platform. The company takes care of the delivery of food orders for local companies that do not have their own delivery staff such as eezly, Restoloco, CHK PLZ and Pizzli.

  1. RestoLoco

Best Food Delivery Service In Montreat To Order From Any Restaurant

RestoLoco food delivery service was developed during the pandemic. It presents itself as the app for restaurants, by restaurants and a marketplace whose model is 100% transparent and based on collaboration between restaurateurs and users. The company has an app and website which helps Montrealers order food from any partnered restaurant. This company has partnerships with several delivery companies that deliver food orders to its customers. Users pay a  delivery service fee of $2.95 per order.

  1. CHK PLZ

Best For Local Food Deliveries

CHK PLZ has an app for diners looking to find nearby restaurants that deliver. It doesn’t have a website where you can order from, but does list them on its free CHK PLZ app. You can order all the menus featured on CHK PLZ directly from the restaurant’s website while the delivery is done by Eva. EVA delivery charges is integrated into CHK PLZ checkout system and its cost on average between $6 – $10. Delivery drivers are also offered an option to receive tips via their tipshare percentage.

  1. Pizzli

Best Food Delivery Offering Helpful Reccomendations

This is another food delivery company that you may try out in Montreal. Pizzli connects foodies with visionary restaurateurs. Pizzli has a website and an app that consolidates menus from different restaurants, so you can browse through it and place an order. The delivery fee is determined by each restaurant. Some restaurants include the fee in their menu price, while some display it separately. Some restaurants may offer a subsidy on the delivery cost for you. 


Fastest Food Delivery Service in Montreal is a delivery platform on which you can order your favorite food from any of their restaurant partners directly from your phone or your computer. They deliver orders at your doorstep, on time and at an affordable price. Apart from food delivery, offers other delivery services for groceries, florist, pet stores etc. offers a royalty program that offers a free delivery for your first order. More so, when you place up to 5 orders with them, your sixth order will be delivered for free. Moreover, Onship has a consideration for the disabled customers. It offers discount on delivery to its customers that are disabled. Therefore, when looking for a fast, affordable, and professional delivery service in Montreal, you may try their service. 


Best Food Delivery Service When You Want More Than Just Fast Food

À La Carte Express is another food delivery company to try out in Montreal. Their website URL is and it is an acronym of the company. À La Carte Express features tens of restaurants offering all kinds of dishes and cuisines. Talk about the Greek, Thai, Chinese, Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, American, French, Korean, Portuguese and continental cuisines, all is available on their platform. This company has restaurant partners that features dishes for food restricted customers like vegan, vegetarians, etc. 

One distinct thing about is that its delivery services is optimized for both individuals and corporate organizations. Its corporate meal delivery packages include Individual, Tray to Share, Corporate Account, and Group Orders. 

  1. Tik Tak Express

Best Customer Friendly Food Delivery Service

This is another food delivery service in Montreal that has been in operation since 2013. Similar to EVA’s food delivery model, Tik Tak Express doesn’t have its own marketplace, but it allows its customers to order their preferred dishes on its partners’ websites or apps. Tik Tak has over 300 registered drivers and they deliver across Montreal for different marketplaces such as eezly and Restoloco. Based in Montreal, this delivery company also operates in France and Morocco.


  1. Door Dash

Door Dash offers a wide variety of different cuisines to choose from including Italian (Giovanni’s or Buca di Beppo), Middle Eastern (Kabob House) as well as Asian cuisine like Korean BBQ. They also offer online ordering which means you don’t even have to get up off the couch if you don’t want to – they’ll bring your meal right where you’re sitting. Door Dash food delivery service is a great option if you’re looking for something other than pizza or food from the typical fast-food chains. 

  1. Skip the dishes

Skip the dishes is one of the most popular food delivery companies in Canada and they have many different food options to choose from. It is an online food delivery service that offers a wide variety of cuisines; from Italian to Vietnamese and Indian cuisine. It also has some organic options for those who are looking for something healthier than average takeout spot! With thousands of restaurants in their database, you’re sure to find what you’re craving on this site! 

Skip the dishes is one food delivery company that many people like. It is a food delivery service who delivers meals straight to your home and it is the most popular food delivery service in Canada. The food usually arrives within 45 minutes after ordering it, which is perfect if you’re running out of food or just need some food delivered to your doorstep. They also offer an app for both Android and iPhone for their users so you can order food from a restaurant on your phone rapidly! 

  1. Fantuan Delivery

This delivery company was established in Vancouver in 2014 and they have since expanded their services to other metros in Canada, including Montreal. Similar to eezly, Fantuan is a third-party application that helps diners to connect with their restaurant partners and ship orders to them. Fantuan mostly focus on delivering  Asian meals and their app is available in both English and Chinese.

Apart from their food delivery service, Fantuan has a forum where users share reviews and other information on their food orders. This allows everyone to share their experience in using the app. They also help to connect dispatchers with customers (Fantuan Rush).

  1. FaceDrive Foods

FaceDrive Foods is another food ordering and delivering service that you can use in Montreal. If you are an environmentally-conscious person, you might want to use their service because of its eco-friendliness. FaceDrive operates not only in Montreal but in 13 other metros in Canada.

With their partnership with over 14,000 restaurants in Canada, you can be sure that whatever dish you may want to order in Montreal is available on their app. There are two ways you can use the FaceDrive app; by searching for a specific restaurant or searching for a specific meal. You will get results for your query either way. This food delivery app in Montreal has a real-time tracking feature that allows you to track the progress of your meal order at any time.

  1. Uber Eats

Best Food Delivery Service To Enjoy a Diverse Range of Menus

Uber Eats is a meal online delivery service that Uber introduced in 2014. Users can use an iOS or Android app, or an internet browser, to read menus, recommendations, and ratings, place orders, and pay for food at affiliated restaurants. Users can also leave delivery tips.

Uber Eats is successful because it increases the availability and accessibility of meals from popular eateries. They have a large fleet of drivers, allowing for extremely fast delivery times. Moreover, Uber Eats has a massive market available in more than 6000 cities across the world. So, it is safe to say that Uber Eats is another one of the best food delivery services in Montreal to enjoy your favorite meals.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, The food delivery industry in Montreal is on the rise with a number of new players entering the market. What does this mean for consumers? A more diverse selection of cuisine, quicker and cheaper deliveries, and personalized customer service. With the surge of this high demand for food delivery services, people are also looking for food delivery hacks to help them save money and make the most out of their food delivery experience. So, make sure to have your eyes on food delivery hacks as well.

When it comes to choosing the best food delivery service in Montreal, we recommend that you use eezly. This is because it centralizes different food delivery services and therefore offers the benefit of comparing deals across different food delivery services in Montreal. By ordering on eezly, you can make a better-informed decision before completing your order. In other words, it allows you to save time and money every time you’re hungry!

If you have any questions or would like to add any services to this list, kindly let us know in the comment section below. 

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