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13 Powerful Tips to Save on Foods App in Montreal

Using food apps saves time and offers convenience. You make a few clicks, and boom, a hot pizza arrives at your doorstep. However, the monthly expenses with using food apps are very high. You can track this by checking how much money you spend on food apps from your bank statement. Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to save on foods app.

Saving money on food apps is not as easy as it seems, but you can find it easy with the tips shared in this post. The reason for overspending on food delivery apps is attributed to impulsive and linked to a lack of preparation. Discover the best tips on how to save money on food delivery. Follow these tips, so you do not finish in bankruptcy.


You can save a lot of money on food delivery without having to put in a lot of effort. Applying these tips will immediately reduce the amount you spend on food delivery.

  • Prepare a weekly menu

Preparing a weekly menu in advance is something we do every week at home. It is a way to save time and money on food delivery. Prepare a calendar where you define in advance all your meals for the week (morning, noon, and evening) and your budget on them.

You should specially dedicate an amount for your food shopping (not counting meals out), then stick to it, even if it means having to make some sacrifices. This will help you to avoid impulsive food ordering to save some money. In addition, this will solve the dilemma of wondering what to eat every time.

  • Compare prices of menu from different restaurants

The prices of each menu are usually different for each restaurant. Compare the prices of menus from various restaurants on food aggregator apps before buying. Comparing prices of the menu only takes a few seconds but can save you a lot of money. A good look at the price will help you save some money by ordering from a restaurant with the cheapest menu.

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  • Compare the cost of delivery

The cost of delivery may vary for each restaurant. Compare the delivery fee and the turnaround to receive your food. Explore all the options from the directory until you find a restaurant with the least expensive delivery fee.

Pro tip: eezly is a perfect food app with such function. You can use it to compare delivery fees and the delivery time from different restaurants.

  • Use Local Food Apps like eezly

Food apps are classified into two main categories; multinational food delivery services and local food delivery services. Using multinational food apps like UberEats and the likes will cost you more money. 

The fact is that most multinational food apps do not offer better services than local food apps. You will find restaurants with less-expensive menu prices and delivery fees on local food apps like eezly. Eezly also has stellar customer support services that swiftly respond to users’ queries. It is the most recommended local food app in Montreal.

  • Subscribe to a delivery service

You can subscribe to a delivery service instead of paying for delivery for every order if you are a frequent user of food delivery apps. This trick is a great money saver because you will not pay a dime for all deliveries within your subscription period.

  • Take advantage of cashback systems

Some websites or applications allow you to benefit from a partial refund on food shopping. The savings can be significant if cumulated over time.

  • Look for offers on your credit cards

Some banks have signed agreements with establishments and delivery platforms. You can take advantage of it so that your food is cheaper. Some cards also offer a points bonus to use in future orders.

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  • Use food coupons

Some platforms offer coupons for new users and for users who invite more people to use the app. Do not miss these discounts and use them as long as you have them. Some services have offers at some schedules, especially in the evening.

  • Replace sodas with sparkling water

This is one of the tricky tips to save money on food. We know people love soda. You can limit taking soda consumption by replacing it with sparkling water. This will help you will spend less money on food, in addition to a positive health effect

  • Do not wait till you are hungry before placing an order

Do not wait till when hungry before ordering food online. There is a difference between shopping when very hungry and slightly hungry. Someone who shops with an empty stomach might be tempted to order more than budgeted due to the level of hunger.

  • Reduce your frequency of requesting food delivery

Frequent ordering food for delivery can increase the cumulative delivery fees you pay. You can plan your menu for the day and place an order for your lunch and dinner at once. You can use this method if you did not subscribe to any food delivery services.

  • Control your expenses

Are you unable to keep yourself under control with debit cards? Pin your budget for food delivery every week and just pay cash! There’s nothing wrong with that if it helps you… then do it!

What might also be useful in saving on food apps is to use an app to track your expenses so that you can see exactly how much money you have left to spend. An app like Daily Budget is an

  • Place a group order to save on foods app

You can place group orders on delivery apps to Save on Food. This is because some restaurants offer discounts for some quantities of orders. This means that you will get some discounts and save money by buying on a group with your colleagues or allies. More so, you will pay a lesser fee by sharing the delivery fee among the group.

Hope these tips help you. Do you have any good additions to these tips to save on food apps? You can share them in the comments section, so everyone benefits!

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