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15 Best TikTok Food Hacks

A food hack is a kind of shortcut that makes a difficult task easier or enables you to omit a few steps from a drawn-out procedure, it’s a better-known grandmother, the life hack. A good hack makes your life simpler, boosts productivity without degrading (or even while improving) the result, and gives you broad bragging rights.

TikTok food trends that become viral are unavoidable; they will take over your FYP and threaten your mind until you ultimately do the hack yourself. In fact, even if you have never tasted these dishes before, you will be exposed to them so frequently that you will begin to crave them.

So, whether you are looking for dinner ideas or just curious about the hottest food trends, check out these delectable15 bestTikTok food hacks.

15 Best TikTok Food Hacks

Let’s have a look at these 15 best TikTok Food Hacks.

  1. Healthy Coke

Although sparkling vinegar water may not seem like the most enticing summer beverage, the “Healthy Coke,” which is made of sparkling water and balsamic vinegar, is a TikTok food hack 2022 and beverage fad of June 2022.

This drink is tasty but not Coke. However, if you already have the ingredients in your kitchen, it is a fun drink to try out and a nutritious fizzy drink to experiment with. Fill a cup with your preferred sparkling water, then add a splash of balsamic vinegar. Try this TikTok food hack.

  1. Using A Microwave To Peel Garlic

The next time a recipe calls for a clove, try heating it in the microwave for up to 30 seconds in its place. You will be amazed at how easily the skin will peel right off. The sole catch? Depending on how efficient your micro is, 30 seconds might turn your garlic into mush.

  1. Folded Tortilla

There can occasionally be too much tortilla, as anyone who has ever ordered a double-wrapped burrito from Chipotle can attest. The tortilla folding hack on TikTok has thankfully changed that. Reduce the radius of a tortilla, divide your toppings into four equal quadrants, and then fold the tortilla into a triangle. Every mouthful you take will be tasty.

  1. Make The Ideal Runny Egg

An egg with a solid white and runny yolk is challenging to cook to perfection. Separately try to cook the white from the yolk, then reincorporate the yolk. It could take you a few tries to get the trick just right, but it is still a very interesting hack. The egg yolk should first be separated from the egg white.

  1. Keep Chilled Food Fresh

Check out this fantastic tip for keeping cold treats like crudités fresh. Bring two disposable food pans together and fill one with cold water until it is about one-third full. Then, after a few hours, remove it from the freezer. Over it, set the other disposable pan and fill it with chilled food. All day long, the ice beneath keeps these cold nibbles frozen and fresh.

  1. Using a Box Grater, Remove The Herbs

Do you know how after getting a small amount of fresh herbs, you have to spend a long time peeling the leaves off the woody stems? With this trick, it only takes ten seconds. All you have to do is use a regular grater, feed the stalks through one of the largest holes, and then reach up and remove them from the inside. Hey presto, or possibly pesto, only the leaves are left.

  1. Avocado Hashbrown Toast

Add mashed avocado and your typical avocado toast toppings, such as salt, chili flakes, ricotta, tomatoes, etc., to some flat patty-style hash browns that you have cooked in an air fryer (or any way you prefer). Adding hot honey on top is a particularly well-liked variant.

  1. Tortilla With Pizza Toppings

This tip for the simplest pizza ever is also keto-friendly. No pizza dough? It is no issue. First, make a flour tortilla (burrito-sized is best). In a skillet, heat the tortilla until it is quite hot so that it puffs up. Then top it with your preferred pizza toppings and reheat it until it is melty.

  1. Remove Tendon From Chicken Breast

With one hand holding a paper towel to the tendon’s end, move a fork so that the tendon is sandwiched between the prongs. The tendon will easily come out of the chicken if you press the fork firmly on the chicken breast and pull in the opposite direction.

  1. Bake Feta Pasta

You have probably heard of this TikTok food hack if not others. When a block of feta has melted in the oven, add pasta and stir to create a rich, creamy sauce. The feta should be surrounded by cherry tomatoes. You can even choose to make it vegan.

  1. Remove Pomegranate Seeds Underwater

Pomegranate should be divided in half midway along the top, then placed in a bowl of ice water. There, start separating the seeds by tearing the pomegranate in half with your hands. The seeds sink to the bottom of the water while the skin rises to the surface, making it simple to discard the bits you do not want. Try this life-changing food hack.

  1. Make Ice-Cream Sandwich

It takes a lot of effort to get the ideal ice cream slice. For your benefit, we have discovered a trick for creating the ideal ice cream sandwich. Simply select your preferred round ice cream tub, equip yourself with a razor-sharp knife, and cut open the container. Through, that is correct. You can produce perfect, spherical ice cream slices in this manner.

  1. Coconut Cloud Smoothie

Blend a frozen banana, pineapple, avocado, pineapple, almond butter, collagen powder, blue spirulina, and your preferred milk. Take a glass, fill it with some coconut cream, another scoop of blue spirulina, and then add your smoothie. Add some more coconut cream to the top to complete it, then enjoy this coconut cloud smoothie.

  1. Homemade Garlic Naan

With items you most likely already have on hand, you can prepare this ridiculously delicious garlic naan dish. You only need warm water, sugar, flour, egg, yogurt, olive oil, active dry yeast, and these ingredients.

No special ingredients are needed to make this homemade naan. The dough only has to be kneaded, allowed to rise in a mixing bowl, divided into tiny balls, and cooked on a hot skillet. Garlic and melted butter drizzled over the naan bread completed the dish.

  1. Cut Watermelon With Pringles Can

Cut Watermelon With Pringles Can

Simply cut the ends of a small watermelon just enough to expose the fruit on either side in order to create flawless circles of watermelon slices. After that, apply pressure to one side of the watermelon with the open end of the Pringles can, working it back and forth until it completely penetrates the watermelon.

After that, take the can out and take the watermelon out of it. You will have a lovely watermelon cylinder that you can slice into circles that are just right for one serving.


You can sit for hours on TikTok watching cooking videos until your eyes start to bleed. There are many inventive culinary techniques on this social media network. Some are mentioned in this guide. Try these 15 best TikTok food hacks and let us know what do you think.

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