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8 Instagram Food Hacks We Wish We Knew Earlier

Instagram is a wonderful platform to share photography and connect with friends. However, did you know that there’s more to Instagram than just taking selfies and sharing photos of your food? It’s true! There are a lot of Instagram users who share awesome food hacks online. These 8 Instagram food hacks we wish we knew earlier will learn you how to survive in the kitchen. It will show you how to make delicious dishes, and what ingredients you should use to achieve a specific style of food.

Eezly’s List of the 8 Instagram Food Hacks We Wish We Knew Earlier

  1. Removing the straw of a strawberry

Have you ever attempted to remove the straw of a strawberry? Or, even better, have you considered hulling one? Whether your recipe calls for strawberries without straw or not, there’s a delightful technique to remove them without harming the fruit or making a mess of it. The only thing you’ll need is a simple straw.

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This strategy helps you to get the most out of your strawberry while avoiding wasting a large chunk of it. How many times have you tried to chop off the leaves and ended up slicing off a third of the fruit in the process? Yeah, we’re in the same boat.

What is the best way to hull a strawberry?

The secret to removing the straw from a strawberry is to use a straw. Simply lay the straw at the bottom of the strawberry, puncture it upwards into the fruit, and gently but firmly prod it through until the little green top comes out with it. The small little stem lodged inside the straw can be discarded directly into the garbage. This only takes a few seconds, and there’s no risk of cutting your fingers in the process. That’s it: a nicely hulled strawberry ready for your recipe. You’ll never be without a strawberry huller again if you choose to use reusable straws.

  1. Separate egg yolks with plastic bottles

Nothing beats carefully cracking an egg and gently sliding the yolk back and forth until it’s separated… Is that a shell or something? Ugh. Enough of that, try this simple trick to separate the egg yolk from the whole egg.

The method is simple: crack an egg into a bowl, squeeze an empty plastic water bottle slightly, and place the opening over the yolk. The yolk gets sucked inside and separates from the white when you let go of it. Once you’ve squeezed the yolk into another bowl, you’re done. 

  1. Extract all the juices out of the lemon

If you prefer lemon dripping cake or a touch of lemon over your chicken salad, you’ll love this simple culinary tip. Squeezing a lemon might be challenging at times. It can spill all over your hands, drop all over your kitchen work surfaces, and even hurt your fingers if you have a cut on your hands-all without extracting much juice!

You can squeeze a lemon with a regular kitchen utensil to get all of the juice out! To get a lot of juice out of a lemon, you don’t need any complicated kitchen gadgets. With a pair of kitchen tongs, squeeze half a lemon quickly and efficiently. The mess is eliminated with this simple tongs method!

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You can squeeze a lemon fast and efficiently with a pair of kitchen tongs in a matter of seconds! A lemon cut in half and a pair of kitchen tongs are all you need. Place one half of the lemon in the tongs’ joint with the sliced side facing down.

At the other end, press the tongs together, and ta-dah! In a few seconds, you’ve squeezed half a lemon. Reverse the procedure for the second half.

  1. A Smart Way to Soften Butter

Butter is one of the most important cooking ingredients. It transforms toast into a breakfast food that we enjoy. It’s what gives cookies their delectable taste. When it comes to chicken, it works miracles. It’s incredible all around, which is why you need butter hacks.

If you have a recipe that needs softened butter and you forgot to take it out of the fridge early. You don’t have to microwave it or wait for it to soften. Cut the amount of butter you want to use and place it on a dish. Pour hot water into a glass container until it is half-filled. Hold the water in the glass until the exterior of the glass is heated. Drain the water from the glass, dry it, then quickly flip it over the butter. You will have deliciously soft butter in less than a minute.

  1. Improvised pancake batter dispenser

Ketchup and summer cooking goes in hand, just like ketchup and mustard. You will most likely finish a bottle shortly if you haven’t already. (We’re not psychics; we simply understand how things work!) We have an idea that might just persuade you to keep that empty bottle instead of throwing it in the recycling. Ready? Pancakes!

Rather than throwing the bottle away, clean it and use it as a pancake batter dispenser in your kitchen. Sophisticated pancake batter dispensers are available for purchase, but why spend the money when you already have something that would do the job? Use a funnel (or a very steady hand) to fill the ketchup bottle.

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Squeezing the bottle will dispense the batter into the pan. This hack is better than using a bowl and ladle because it gets rid of the mess and keeps the batter flowing. It also makes it very simple to get creative with making pancakes with designs and letters. It’s also great if you have kids and want to get them involved in the pancake-making process on a Saturday morning.

  1. Easily measure viscous ingredients

 Sticky ingredients such as molasses, peanut butter, honey, and tahini are difficult to measure and frequently leave a mess in the measuring cup. Here’s a quick tip for measuring without making a mess.

Coat the interior of your plastic or metal measuring cup with nonstick cooking spray before measuring something sticky. The components slide easily out, and you can start measuring again straight away.

You can also lubricate the utensil with oil so the honey slides out easily or make use of heat. Simply dip the measuring utensil in boiling water before measurement. A hot spoon will not stick to honey.

Another hack is to wrap a piece of plastic wrap around the measuring cup and fill it with the food. Pull up on the plastic wrap to remove the sticky food and scrape the food into the mixing bowl from the wrap. There’s no need to clean up the mess—just toss the plastic wrap!

  1. Use the last portion of your jam

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of what’s in your refrigerator and cupboards. We bet you will find a few nearly-empty jars of jam lying around. Set the jars aside before tossing them for a new batch. Because there’s still a lot of sweetness in there, even if there are only a few portions left at the bottom or a thin fragment along the sides. You can really make use of every last drop by filling the jar with liquid and shaking it vigorously.

When you have an almost empty jam bottle. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to remove the remaining jam particles from the jar. Shake it to mix it well before adding it to a bowl of berries. Give it time to macerate for about 15 minutes before serving. You can use the berries as a pie filling or for a delicious steak.

Another way is by adding some water to the jar and shaking it to mix with the leftover jam. Then use the flavored water to sweeten soups or stews. It goes well with Moroccan-inspired foods or dishes seasoned with curry.

  1. Avoid dripping ice on your hand

This hack will prevent icy foods from dripping off a child’s arm and making it sticky. Simply puncture a hole in the cupcake liner with the stick that holds your dessert, then slide it up until it reaches the base. Any drips will be caught and won’t splatter all over you. When it comes to ice pops and ice cream bars, paper or foil cupcake liners come in handy.

We hope that you have learned some new tricks from these 8 Instagram food hacks we wish we knew earlier. Kindly drop a comment if you know of other hacks that weren’t mentioned. Do you prefer ordering food online? We recommend that you use eezly. Eezly is the best food delivery service in Montreal.

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