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Cuisines à commander en utilisant une application de livraison de nourriture à Montréal

Lets try Cuisines to order in montreal by food delivery app

Montreal is a city of culinary delights because of its diverse culinary options from a range of restaurants that caterers to the tastes of all kinds of food eaters. Cuisines to order in Montreal are not just about the French cuisines alone, there are lots of restaurants that offer multi-cultural foods like the Greek, Thai, Chinese, Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, American, French, Korean, Portuguese, Continental, and many more cuisines. This has in turn reputed the city as one with diverse food options for tourists and the locals.

If you do not have the time to go out and dine in restaurants in Montreal, you’ve got no need to worry. Food delivery services in Montreal offer you an option to order food online through their websites or apps. These companies have partnered with some restaurants to get your food orders at your doorstep in the shortest time possible, so using them to order your food will make things easier for you. Therefore, if you are a busy person who doesn’t have the time to dine-in a restaurant you can use any of these food delivery services in Montreal. Trouvez 9 meilleurs services de livraison de nourriture que vous devriez essayer à Montréal

Like checking through a restaurant menu, most food delivery apps feature different dishes on their platform, from local to international cuisines. This will offer you a chance to explore other people’s diet and possibly try out their cuisines apart from those you are use to taking before. In this article, we have come up with some favorite cuisines that people often order when ordering food online in Montreal. We hope that this help you expand your horizons and help you know what you can go for on your next food order.


If you have no idea what to go for when ordering food delivery online, then French cuisine is a good option for you. Some famous dishes that come under this category include:

– Poutine: This hearty, cheese-covered dish originated in Quebec and is now recognized worldwide as a Canadian specialty. It is made with French fries, cheese curds and gravy. It is served hot, generally topped with a light brown gravy, or a darker brown “beef” gravy (consisting of cooked-down steak broth). Poutine has been voted the official food of Canada, and even appeared at the Expo 67 World Fair (then called “Man and his World”) to represent all of Canada.

Soupe de Poissons (Fish Soup)- serves as an appetizer and is made of salmon, potatoes and this mouth watering dish is satisfying for all your fish cravings.

– Filets de Saumon aux Trois Epices (Salmon Steak with three spices)- it’s a common dish that is popular among Montreralers and tourists alike, and it’s also yummy.

– Cote de Veau Provencale (Veal Cheek in White Wine Sauce)- this cuisine is served with soft boiled potatoes and carrots to accompany the veal cheeks, one of the most popular French meals you can go for when ordering food delivery online.

– Grand Marnier Soufflé au Chocolat (Chocolate Grand Marnier souflee) – A mouth watering delicacy made of chocolate souffle mixed with some cheese cream, a very rich and impressive food to eat at any time.

– Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy)- consists of beef cubes soaked in red wine gravy with shallots, garlic and mushrooms, served together with rice as a base.


Before talking about Chinese food, we must make a point: Chinese foods served in Western Chinese restaurants and traditional foods are totally different. Beyond spring rolls and rice three delights, Chinese cuisine offers authentic ancient delicacies whose flavors and textures never disappoint.

Zongzi: Rice could not be missing in Chinese gastronomy. Of course, forget about the three delights version, there are many other recipes that include rice in a more tasty and authentic way. An example is zongzi, a popular triangle of glutinous rice stuffed with meat or sweet beans and rolled with bamboo leaves. It is steamed or boiled.

It is a traditional dish that the Chinese always prepare in the “Dragon Boat Festival” and its origin is related to the legend of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan. Wrapping it in bamboo leaves is not an easy task, the traditional technique for doing it is inherited from one family to another, as is its recipe.

– Wonton Soup: The Chinese have their own version of Italian ravioli: wontons. It is a wheat flour dough filled with minced pork, shrimp, onion, ginger, sesame oil and soybeans. They form round dumplings with a wrinkled texture similar to clouds. In fact, the name of this recipe literally means ‘swallow the clouds’.

In China, wontons are often served in a very thin noodle soup with shrimp and chives. A curiosity: during the Chinese New Year celebration silver coins are usually put inside wontons to wish good luck.

Chicken Gong Bao Or Kung Pao: A true classic of Chinese cuisine is chicken gong bao. Of course, get ready to bring tears to your eyes, because this dish from the Sichuan region is one of the spiciest in Chinese cuisine. The reason: the large amount of pepper and chilies that it contains.

The traditional recipe consists of marinated chicken mixed with a stir-fry of chilli and Sichuan pepper prepared in the wok. Afterwards, the meat is sautéed with vegetables and peanuts (or cashews). Its strongest version also has several types of Chinese chili peppers.

– Chop Suey: One of the most traditional dishes of Chinese gastronomy. Despite not being an ancient recipe – its origin is related to a Chinese who lived in the United States in the 19th century – this dish is not lacking in any good Chinese table. Its name literally means “mixed pieces” and consists of cooking different types of meat with vegetables (such as celery and pepper) in a wok.

An ingredient that can not be missing in chop suey is the green mung bean sprout. This dish is one of the most internationalized Chinese recipes along with spring rolls and three delights rice. It is usually accompanied with cooked rice.

– Jiaozi: Another dish that cannot be missing on a Chinese table during Chinese New Year celebrations are jiaozi, a kind of thin dough dumplings filled with minced meat or vegetables that are sealed with the fingers. They can be cooked in several ways: fried or boiled. And to accompany: soy sauce and vinegar or hot sauce. For the Chinese, the horn-shaped plate symbolizes the good fortune of the new year. It is common to find them with sweet fillings and in Cantonese cuisine they are not

– Wanton Mee is a very popular Cantonese egg noodle in China, especially Hong Kong. These noodles are served in a kind of soup, with plenty of oyster or soy sauce. There are different versions depending on the region in which it is prepared, but it is usually served with char siew (roasted pork slices) and various types of green leafy vegetables, such as Chinese kailan. The wanton is served in a separate bowl. In Hong Kong they usually add shrimp, serve it without pork and decorate it with Chinese chives.


Some of the most favorite Italian cuisine lovers in Montreal use food delivery app to get their favorite meals delivered at their doorsteps. Some of the well known Italian cuisine are:

– Arancini Balls  are rice stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and breaded to perfection then deep fried until cooked through. It is served in a sauce based on your choice. It is always made in medium size, maybe small for some. You can order it with Arrabiata sauce which is a spicy tomato sauce.

– Lasagna is a  type of pasta in rectangular sheets, and is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Lasagne can be made fresh or dried (cooked). The word lasagna alone refers informally to a large flat pasta ribbed with ridges on the top surface that may be grooved lengthwise in three or more places.

– Risotto: This typical Italian food is prepared with rice and Parmesan cheese, however, today there are many risotto recipes with different ingredients. Originally from the northwest of Italy and due to the abundance of rice this dish is already famous in practically the whole world. Our recommendation, a risotto with bonito. With this recipe you will be able to appreciate the typical creaminess of Italian risotto. Are you going to miss it?

Carpaccio is currently an internationally famous recipe, but what is special about this dish? It was the Italians who made eating raw meat fashionable. Now, the trick for this recipe to come out to order is to cut the meat very finely and to accompany it with ingredients such as cheese, onion, basil and olive oil. If you want to enjoy the unmistakable flavor of this Italian dish, order for sirloin carpaccio with cheese shavings and you will see how well it looks as a starter or first course of a special day.

– Minestrone soup: This specialty of Italian cuisine is similar to a vegetable soup, with the only difference that it also contains pasta and in some recipes meat, chicken or ham. The most used ingredients for this soup are carrots, onions, beans, celery and tomatoes, from there we can decide the type of pasta and the additions to your liking. If you are looking for typical Italian recipes, opt for our minestrone soup with which we are sure you will enjoy a unique dish in the world.

– Pizza: The origin of pizza has a lot to do with bread in Italy, since in ancient Rome it was customary to make bread in a circular shape and cut into portions. Years later, other ingredients such as tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese would be added to this flour dough, but today pizza admits a great variety of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and sausages. Who can reject the taste of a pizza?

– Caprese salad: As in Italy not everything is pasta, try this capresse salad with ingredients as basic as tomato, fresh mozzarella, some basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. As simple as it may seem, the combination of these ingredients results in a salad that stands out for its fresh flavor and its colors that just remind you of the Italian flag.


Ordering Spanish cuisines online is also another option you can go for when looking for foods to order with your food delivery apps. These restaurants offer dishes like paella, which goes perfectly with some red wine. If you want something lighter on the stomach, then pan con tomate (bread with tomato) will do just fine. Here’s what other people think about these cuisines:

– Paella – a Spanish dish made with short grain rice, seafood including shrimp and clams accompanied by some other vegetables.

– Pan con tomate – A tortilla bread served with tomato in olive oil for a light meal which will go well with the paella you have ordered from the same restaurant. Italian food delivery in Montreal is also possible through an app that presents dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, pizzas and several others; they are all highly recommended if you’re looking for Italian foods you can order when using your delivery app.

– Chicken pasta – A combination of chicken, tomatoes and beef sauce in a creamy tomato base to serve as a side dish.


The truth is that in Japanese gastronomy is much more than sushi, so if you are thinking of trying Japanese dishes on food delivery apps in Montreal, here are some tastiest of Japanese food.

  – Sushi: Sushi is a popular Japanese food and consists of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients, usually fish. Sushi is prepared with a variety of ingredients, including seafood, vegetables and eggs. Sushi can be fresh or fermented. The vinegar in sushi gives the rice a slightly sour taste. Sushi became popular in Japan as a method of preserving fish, but it is now also served for its flavor and decoration. Fish left over from the previous night’s catch was dressed with rice wine and salt and placed under a pile of fermenting rice. The fish would be eaten for breakfast the following morning

Consumers of sushi regard it not as a meal itself but as an accompaniment to other dishes. Sushi is prepared with white rice, usually short-grain and uncooked until just before eating, although some restaurants do cook or lightly steam the rice prior to serving. Short-grain brown rice also can be used. The main ingredient of nigiri sushi is seafood, but other ingredients are used sometimes; for example, raw egg or cut vegetables.

Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables, most often served as an appetizer with beer. Tempura divides into two types: yaki-tempura and teppan-yaki. The former is dipped in batter, fried until cooked, then served; the latter consists of seafood or vegetables lightly battered and fried on a hot plate known as a teppan.

– Miso Soup is a Japanese soup, commonly prepared starting with miso paste combined with dashi, mirin, and/or sake. Vegetables such as wakame seaweed, and konbu (kelp) are often added to the miso, typically before being served. It is consumed in Japan as part of a regular diet; in many instances, it is the first course served when one sits down to eat traditional Japanese food. It is also commonly eaten with ramen and soba. Other ingredients can sometimes be added into miso soup, such as tofu, green onions, clams, and beef.


Most of the Indian restaurants serve dishes only from the Punjab region. If you have tasted a menu of pakoras and samosas, chicken korma and shrimp curry, you might think that you’re familiar with Indian foods. Here is a few traditional indie dishes you can order when using a food delivery app in Montreal.


Chapati is the Indian bread. It is usually made with whole wheat flour and looks like a cake. Depending on its type of cooking, it is named differently. Perhaps the best known is the naan, which is a bread made in the oven (usually attached to the walls of the oven itself). The roti is made dry on a frying pan and the puri is fried. The paratha is the most complete, because it is filled with vegetables.


Dal are very tasty Indian lentil stews. Different varieties of lentils are being used to make them, although red ones are normally used. They are made with ginger, turmeric and garlic and, in their Punjab version, they incorporate dairy elements such as cream or butter. They are served with rice or naan bread.

Pulau rice

The traditional way of cooking rice in India comes in many variations. This type of rice, also called pilaf, is made from long-grain varieties and it is usually loose. It can be cooked only to serve it as a garnish, but the traditional thing is to make it with vegetables or meat in the Mughal style. Mughal, or Muslim, influence also contributed to the custom of including fruits in these savory dishes.

Tandoori chicken

Also from the Mughal era comes this marinated, roasted and spiced chicken dish. Its name comes from the instrument in which it is cooked, the tandoori oven, made of clay. It is seasoned with garam masala and the tandoori spice mix itself; And yet it is not particularly spicy. It seems incredible, seeing its bright red color.


The warrior’s rest among so much spice. There are many raita recipes (and very similar dishes in other countries); what they share is the fact that it is a refreshing sauce with a dairy element, vegetables and herbs, usually yogurt and cucumber. A bite of raita from time to time allows you to swallow a good cayenne curry without setting your palate on fire.

Rogan Josh

A traditional dish from Kashmir. It is a chopped lamb curry cooked in ghee. Initially, it does not contain garlic or onion, but the many versions of the recipe include many ingredients and spices. It can be served with naan bread, with rice or with anything with a mild flavor to neutralize its burning a bit.

Others traditional Chinese dishes that you can try out are Pekinese Lacquered Duck, Chow Mein, Huo Guo or Hot Pot, Shark Fin Soup, Fuqi Felpian, Rou Jia Mo, Youtiao, Baozi, and Char Siu. 

If you would like to order these meals from a food delivery app, we strongly suggest you use our local eezly app to satisfy your needs. Let us know your thoughts and comments below!

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