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The 51 Best Food and Kitchen Hacks of 2022

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There is no doubt that preparing your food is healthier than eating out. However, for everyone, the hassle of preparing food at home can be a lot. Eezly has compiled a list of the 51 best food and kitchen hacks of 2022 to make putting on your apron a lot easier and more enjoyable. Reading and applying these hacks will make cooking fun for you.

The 51 Best Food and Kitchen Hacks of 2022

51 Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook

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  1. Make Breakfast with a microwave

Are you tired of meals consisting of bland yogurt or granola bars that contain far more sugar than you require? The microwave is your new morning best friend. Learn how to make a nice breakfast in just a few easy steps with a microwaveable plate. You can make scrambled eggs or fried eggs in the time it would take you to buy that pricey cup of oatmeal. Your workday is going to improve dramatically.

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  1. Remove fragments of eggshells from a cracked egg

Are there any shell fragments in your cracked egg? Dip your finger in water and trace it. The shell will stick to the wet finger without chasing it around the bowl because the water acts like a magnet.

Another way to remove pieces of eggshells is by using another part of the shell to catch the fragment. It will be like a magnet, attracting the other pieces.

  1. Make Crispy Limp Celery Again

Place the celery upright in a pitcher or jar of ice-cold water, to re-crisp them. You may also store asparagus in your kitchen in such a manner. This ice water treatment also works for vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and spinach.  

  1. Easy removal of salt from the salt spray

You can put a small amount of dry ice in the sprinkler to make it easier for the salt to come out.

  1. Use of banana as a thickener

It’s no secret that blended bananas can act as a natural thickener and sweetener (which is why they’re often used in smoothies). So it really isn’t too crazy to mix bananas with milk and simple syrup to create a delicious cold beer supplement. We love this hack.

  1. Don’t let the food spill while boiling

A mess is guaranteed when food boils and spills out of the pan. However, there is a way to prevent this problem: just place a wooden spoon on top of the pan.

  1. Keep your herbs fresh.

Don’t let the herbs dry out or spoil. Preserve them in ice cube trays with oil and water. Place it in the freezer and remove it only when ready to use.

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  1. Peel fruit in the microwave

Save time when peeling a fruit by microwaving it for 20 seconds. The shell will all come off.

  1. Bake cupcakes on parchment paper

Want to make some cupcakes but don’t have molds? No problem; use parchment paper.

  1. Refrigerate the plastic film

It’s very annoying when the plastic wrap sticks and won’t unroll for no reason. However, when it’s frozen, you can unroll it evenly.

  1. Remove the pit of the cherries

Place the cherry in the spout of an empty bottle. Using a toothpick, pry out the pit, and it will fall into the bottle.

  1. Thoroughly clean cutting board

If you don’t clean the board properly, it will accumulate bacteria. Cut a lemon in half and add coarse salt to it. Rub the board with the lemon full of salt, then wash normally.

  1. Cleaning cast iron cookware with salt Over time

Cleaning cast iron cookware with salt Over time, cast iron cookware can rust if you are not careful. The best way to avoid the problem is to use salt. Scrub cast-iron pans with salt instead of dish soap.

  1. Remove seeds from vegetables quickly

Removing seeds from vegetables with a spoon can take a long time. And it’s not even funny. Use an ice cream scoop on this mission; it’s much faster and easier.

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  1. Polish your stainless steel

Stainless steel loses its shine as it’s being used. You can permanently damage the surface if you keep using the wrong cleaning products. Mix vinegar with water, spray on stainless steel, and wipe with a cloth.

  1. Make a watered egg without any mistakes.

Learn how to make a delicious scrambled egg. Crack the egg into the skillet and drizzle with a little water. Take it to the fire and wait for the magic to happen.

  1. Don’t let brown sugar harden.

Brown sugar can harden when not stored properly. Once it hardens, there is no more solution. Place an orange peel or apple slice inside the sugar packet and store it in an airtight container.

  1. Peel hard-boiled eggs easily.

It is very easy to make boiled eggs; it is even difficult to peel them! Try putting up to a dozen eggs in a steaming basket for 15 to 16 minutes. The shell will come off quickly.

  1. Make a palliative culinary brush.

Need a cooking brush but can’t get one? No problem! Fold a sheet of parchment paper into at least four pieces and make several perforations. Use the perforated side as a brush.

  1. Make homemade icing sugar

Are you going to make a recipe that needs icing sugar? Make yours at home. Put the granulated sugar into a pepper grinder.

  1. Don’t let the stew burn.

Don’t let the food burn. If you notice that your stir-fry is browning too quickly, add an ice cube to cool the pan. The water will evaporate quickly, and the food will not burn.

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  1. Meatloaf in the form of a muffin.

The traditional meatloaf recipe can take over an hour to bake. But you can speed up the process by distributing the recipe into individual portions in muffin tins. Bake for 15 minutes at 230 o C. 

  1. Tea can be used to flavor beans.

Make rice, quinoa, and any other grains tastier by cooking them in water with tea. Alternatives that work well include: LapSang SouChong (a type of black tea), any tea flavored with bergamot essential oil, and chai.

  1. Don’t waste the leftover wine.

Do you have some leftover wine in a bottle that you don’t know what to do with? Transfer it to an ice cube tray and use the wine cubes in recipes and cocktails.

  1. Cut the edge of the carton packs.

Not all carton packs are easy to open. Prevent a possible mess by cutting off one end of the box with a serrated knife. 

  1. Cut a pumpkin easily

Need to cut a pumpkin? Microwave it first for 2 to 3 minutes. It will be much easier to peel, remove the seeds, and chop.

  1. Quicken the ripening of fruits

Don’t want to wait for that banana or that peach to ripen on its own? Place the fruit in a paper bag and set it aside. The concentrated ethylene will help the fruit ripen faster.

  1. Prevent browning of fruit

Squeeze lemon juice over freshly cut fruit to prevent browning. You can also mix one part honey with two parts water. Both methods slow the oxidation process.

  1. Get rid of excess fat

Remove excess fat from broths and sauces by passing ice cubes on the surface of the liquid with the help of a ladle. This will make the fat rise and solidify. Then just remove it with a spoon or piece of bread.

  1. Peel potatoes with ease.

There is a much easier way to peel potatoes. First, boil the potatoes. Then, dip them in ice water. The shell will all come off.

  1. Squeeze out as much juice as possible.

Refrigerate lemons, then microwave them for 15 to 20 seconds. Take the lemons and cut them in half, then use a spoon to extract as much juice as possible.

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  1. Take the corn off the cob

Insert the end of the corn on the cob into the hole of a pudding mold. The spike will be very firm. Then run the knife from top to bottom. The corn grains will be collected in the form of pudding.

  1. Grate soft cheese

Grating soft cheeses is not an easy task. To solve the problem, put the cheese in the freezer for 30 minutes. It will be much easier to grate it later.

  1. Cut onions without crying

Cutting onions can be tricky, but not if you freeze them first. However, it is important to use the onions immediately after they are cut, as they will be watery when they thaw. Another alternative is to cut the onion with a slice of bread in your mouth to prevent the watery gas from reaching your eyes.

  1. Make a homemade buttermilk substitute.

Have you seen a foreign recipe that includes “buttermilk” and you don’t know where to start? You can make your own buttermilk by adding a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to whole milk. It won’t be the same thickness or the same creaminess, but it will work.

  1. Open a tight lid 

Put a rubber band around the lid. That way, you’ll have more “handle”. If you need more help, use a dish towel to unscrew the lid.

  1. Have a “non-sticky” gauge

When you’re making a recipe, some ingredients stick to the spoon or cup you use as a measure. To avoid this problem, grease the utensil with oil before measuring the ingredients. That way, they won’t stick, and it will be much easier to clean.

  1. Recover the sugary honey

Honey becomes sugary and hard after some time in storage. But you can reverse the crystallization process by placing the honey pot in hot water for 5–10 minutes. It will be brand new!

  1. Make milk foam

Put a little milk in a pot (do not exceed half). Cover it and shake it well. Microwave it uncovered for about 30 seconds and you will have milk foam! 

If you want an egg white to foam quickly, add a little salt to it. Then stir. It will foam much sooner.

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  1. Make a cup of coffee without using a filter

Boil the coffee in a pot of water in the proportion you normally use. Remove the pan from the heat and let the beans settle for 4 to 5 minutes. With a ladle, scoop out the coffee on top and transfer it to a cup.

  1. Separate the pastry from the mold

If the pastry does not come off the mold, use this method. Dip a cloth into very hot water and wrap it around the pastry mold. Wait a few minutes; the pastry will separate easily from the mold.

  1. Cook food over low heat

This hack is for women who believe that food cooked with low heat is more delicious. Cooking with low heat does not always give the desired result. If you cook fried meat on low heat, the fried layer will prevent the other parts of the meat from being crushed. 

All you have to do is put the pieces of meat in a pan or pot and add water to it so that a quarter of the thickness of the pieces of meat is submerged in water. Then cook at a medium temperature in open or semi-open containers. Occasionally, turn the meat upside down and add water if necessary.

  1. Easy way to cut a cheese

A simple method for cutting cheese is to slide a knife slowly across the cheese.

Another way is to heat the knife a little and then cut the cheese. Another way is to use a clean and thick thread like turban thread, take both sides of the thread and pull the cheese mold from top to bottom. The cheese is cut smoothly.

  1. Prevent meatballs from falling

To prevent your meatballs from falling apart in the water, add some flour and eggs to them and increase the heat of the fire.

  1. Reduce too much spiciness

If you add too much pepper to your food and it is too spicy, add the juice of a fresh sour lemon a few minutes before removing the food from the heat and stir well.  The spiciness of the food will be significantly reduced.

  1. Adding salt to an already cooked beans

Never add dry salt to your unsalted cooked beans; dissolve the required amount of salt in the boiling water. Then pour in the cooked beans. Salt reaches everywhere in the beans.

  1. A way to detect fresh eggs

Put an egg in a bowl of water. If the egg is standing at the bottom of the bowl, it is fresh, and if it comes to the surface of the water, it is old.

  1. Boil the cracked egg.

If your egg has cracks and you want to boil it, rub a little lemon juice on the cracked area and then put it in the water and cook it.

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  1. Detect the usability of hot oil

First, the color of the oil leftover from the frying must be completely clear. It cannot be used if it is black. Another is to put a piece of bread in the oil. If dark particles accumulate around it, the oil is unusable.

  1. Eliminate the smell of previous food from the frying oil.

To remove the smell of the previous food from the frying oil and improve the taste of the next food to be fried, add a few sprigs of parsley to the oil. Discard some of the parsley when it is fried.

  1. Fresh fish diagnosis Fish eyes should be clear and transparent.

 Fish scales should be shiny and firm. The fish’s ears should be red or pink. Press the index finger on the body of the fish. If there is no fingerprint left, the fish is fresh.

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  • Time to add salt to chicken or meat
  • Your chicken will be tastier if you add salt to it at the beginning of cooking. Conversely, always add salt at the end of cooking for other meats, because if you add salt to meat first, it will cause the meat to harden and cook late.

  • Remove the odor of chicken stock while cooking.
  • To eliminate the smell of chicken stock, you can add some carrots to it. This will both eliminate the smell of chicken stock and give the dish a better taste.

  • About the pressure cooker
  • Always keep in mind that you should never spill water on a pressure cooker that you just turned off. It is dangerous and can cause your pressure cooker to become overheated and to stop cooking quickly. 

  • Vegetable cocoa tastes better
  • To make vegetable cocoa more delicious, use chopped walnuts and barberry. The cocoa will be tasty.

  • A way to identify fresh sausages
  • Press your index finger on the sausage. After removing the finger, if there is no fingerprint on the sausage, the sausage is fresh.

  • If your stew is salty
  • Do not worry at all if your stew becomes salty. Peel a pumpkin, grate it and squeeze the juice. You can boil potatoes in the stew until slightly boiling. By doing this, the potato absorbs the salinity of the food.

  • When to add lemon juice to a vegetable stew
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    The best time to If you add lemon juice to the stew right before you turn it off the stove, the color will change and it will lose its attractive appearance.

    We hope that you find the 51 best food and kitchen hacks of 2022 helpful. Have you tried any of the hacks? Kindly let us know if it worked for you. Eezly offers food delivery services for those who do not have the time to prepare food at home. You can download eezly’s app from Google PlayStore or the iOS store. 

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