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The Best Restaurant to Buy Sushi in Montreal

Sushi is one of the dishes that come to mind when talking about oriental Japanese cuisines. The culinary richness of the delicious raw fish with vinegary rice that makes sushi has made it popular beyond the Japan border. It has spread to other parts of the world, including Montreal. If you’re a sushi enthusiast in Montreal, there are plenty of amazing sushi restaurants there, from traditional purists to wildly creative sushi bars. We have crawled the directory of sushi restaurants in Montreal, and filter out the best for you. While some of the top spots can be a bit pricey, we’ve also narrowed our list to restaurants with cheaper sushi menus, so that you can save a little cash while enjoying some amazing food.

The Origin of Sushi

Before diving into the list of the best restaurants to buy the best sushi in Montreal, it might interest you to know what sushi is, and a brief history of its origin. Sushi is a dish comprising raw fish and fermented rice that has been molded into a ball.  Apart from sushi, other Japanese delicacies have fish or rice as their main ingredients. In case you haven’t guessed yet, sashimi (slices of raw fish without rice), tataki (pan-fried, but very little done), and onigiri (rice ball wrapped in nori seaweed, which wraps meat, fish, or vegetables) are a few examples. However, sushi is one of the main foods that represent the Japanese gastronomic wealth of Japan.

The idea of mixing rice and fish responds to the need to preserve the fish through fermentation. This idea originated in China in the 4th century BC and had the sole purpose of preserving fish, which was consumed after fermentation, and the rice being discarded. This way of preserving fish started in Japan in the 8th century. It was in the seventeenth century when the Japanese began to incorporate rice vinegar into the mix, and, already in the nineteenth century, raw fish (unfermented) began to be consumed together with the rice itself: the origin of sushi, such and as we know it today started at that precise moment.

What Are The Different Kinds of Sushi?

Nigiri sushi is a rice ball with a slice of raw fish on top. Norimaki sushi: the rice (with the fish inside) is rolled inside a nori seaweed and cut into slices. In turn, it can be futomaki (thick size), temaki (shaped like a cone), or uramaki (when it is the rice – and not the seaweed – the one that is outside the roll).

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Montreal

1. Planet Zanga Sushi

When it comes to eating the best sushi, and other essential Japanese dishes in Montreal, the Planet Zanga Sushi is your best spot. Planet Zanga offers all kinds of sushi menus including Nigiri, Maki, Maki Printemps, Maki Tartare, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Pizza Sushi, Sushi, Sushi Tacos, and sushi combos menus. Their Pizza Sushi includes Rice cake, cucumber, smoked salmon, tempura, avocado, caviar, and teriyaki sauce. You can dine-in, order takeaway, or request delivery through third-party applications like eezly.

Their Sushi Tacos menu include T1 (made of salmon, avocado, lettuce, coriander, ponzu sauce, grilled garlic, green onion, spicy light mayo, sesame sauce, jalapeno slice, sesame, and wonton chips), T2 (made of tuna, avocado, lettuce, coriander, ponzu sauce, grilled garlic, green onion, Japanese mayo, sesame sauce, a slice of jalapeno, sesame and wonton chips, T3 (made of lobster, avocado, lettuce, coriander, grilled garlic, green onion, spicy light mayo, sesame sauce, jalapeno slice, sesame, and wonton chips). The prices of their Sushi Tacos menu ranges from CAD 6.95 – $ 7.95.

More so, they have got some fantastic Sushi Burgers menus namely Salmon Tataki ($ 6.75), B2 Tuna Tataki ($ 6.75), B3 Lobster and Shrimps ($ 8.75), and B4 Chicken Karaage ($ 8.75)

Address: 6238 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C2, Canada


Phone: +1 514-225-3333

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 11 am–10 pm, Friday 11 am–10:30 pm, Saturday 12:30–10 pm, Sunday 2–10 pm

2. Ahi Poke

Ahi poke is one of the popular sushi destinations that is available in four different locations in Montreal. You can choose the one closest to you based on proximity. Known for its sushi poke combos like the spicy salmon poke, tuna poke, and shrimp tempura poke, Ahi Poke has got a loyal following of sushi enthusiasts for their exceptional menus. You also would not want to miss their starter sushi menu called Dragon Eye Sushi, which is being sold for CAD 10.

They are also reputed for using fresh and premium ingredients (fresh salmon, tuna, etc.), that will make you get the best and freshest sushi ever. The portions are generous and prices reasonable.

• Ahi Poke Mont-Royal

Address: 820 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1X1, Canada


Phone: +1 514-527-7979

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am–9:30 pm

• Ahi Poke Beaubien

Address: 777 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H2S 1S8, Canada


Phone: +1 514-543-1333

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am–9:30 pm

• Ahi Poke Jarry

Address: 434 Rue Jarry E, Montréal, QC H2P 1V3, Canada


Phone: +1 514-388-5111

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am–9:30 pm

• Ahi Poke Marché-Central

Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 1025 Rue Du Marché Central, Montreal, Quebec H4N 1J8, Canada

Phone: +1 514-788-8846

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11am–9:30pm

3. Boîte Geisha

This colorful and inviting restaurant serves quality sushi, and they offer a friendly service. Regarded as one of the best sushi bars in Montreal, Boite Geisha is usually packed with sushi lovers for its excellent sushi menus, from the time they open until closing. They offer high-quality seafood for its sashimi, nigiri, colorful rolls, and other menus that are always served blazing hot on the table. They also use fresh wasabi – unlike the fake green paste used in most places – and you’ll start your meal with complimentary tuna nigiri.

People enjoy taking a seat at their sushi counter for a selection of quality sushi menus including the Geisha box special combinations, Gunkan, Poke bowls, Geisha specialties, Geisha salads, Nigri and sashimi, Sushi pizza and Geisha Box And Sushi Tray. The latter has menus with varying amounts of Futomaki, Hosomaki, Nigiri, and Sashimi. The Special Geisha Tray menu includes the Dragon Tongue, Fire Tongue, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Nigiri, and Sashimi in varying quantities. The price of their sushi menu ranges from CAD 3.5 – 100, depending on the menu you order.

Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery

Address: 1209 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1Y2, Canada


Phone: +1 514-903-8118

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 12 am–10 pm, Sunday 5–10 pm

4. Ye Sushi

With an excellent name like Ye Sushi, you know that something special awaits you there. This exclusive sushi restaurant is loved by both Montrealers and visitors. This Montreal favorite has been the perfect place to enjoy great sushi in its warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening or sharing a sushi boat with a large group, the prices at Ye Sushi are reasonable and the portions are generous. Be sure to try the dragon roll and of course the sashimi lunch special is always a great deal. Whether it’s on a date night or family night, it is a great destination for sushi.

Takeaway · Delivery · No dine-in

Address: 1723 Rue Poirier, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1J4, Canada

Phone: +1 514-543-5577

Opening Hours: Monday – Closed, Tuesday – Thursday 11 am–9 pm, Friday 11 am–9 pm, Saturday 3–9 pm, Sunday 3–9 pm

5. Sushito

In a city filled with world-class sushi, choosing the best sushi restaurant can be tricky. However, Sushito has achieved a top honor by offering the most sublime sushi experience, and also one of the cheapest meals in Montreal. Sushito showcases traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques, as well as an abundance of locally sourced seafood, vegetables, and meats. Sushito is dedicated to serving all kinds of flawless sushi bites.

Sushito is currently offering a special of the month menu which is a sushi combo for 2 persons at CAD 25. This includes 10 pieces Futomakis, 6 pieces Hosomakis (Chef’s choice), 6 pieces of Dragon Eye, and 2 Miso Végé soups.

Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 1654 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2G 1B2, Canada


Phone: +1 514-727-2764

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 4–9 pm

6. Coupe de Thon

This famous Japanese restaurant is a sushi lover’s dream. For those who enjoy an eclectic menu, Coup de Thon offers a lively mix of sushi with other dishes to form amazing combos. You’ll find the usual selection of nigiri, sashimi, and rolls with a few twists. The unusual poke bowls are unexpected hit, and there are great deals for sushi lovers.

Takeaway · Delivery · No dine-in

Address: 427 Bd Rosemont, Montréal, QC H2S 1Z2, Canada


Phone: +1 514-279-8882

Opening Hours: Monday – Tuesday 4–9:30 pm, Wednesday             Closed, Thursday 11 am–2 pm, 4–10 pm, Friday 11 am–2 pm, 4–10 pm, Saturday 4–10 pm, Sunday 4–9:45 pm

7. Umé – Table Japonaise

This charming Ume restaurant has drawn crowds for years. Quality ingredients and colorful presentations are the hallmark of Umé – Table Japonaise. Sushi and sashimi combos are popular options at this sushi restaurant. You will also find rolls like exceptional nigiri, Maki, and Maki Tartare. This sushi bar also has some amazing maki with creative umé creation, one of which includes spicy sauce, crispy rice, cucumber, and avocado.

Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 6522 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C6, Canada

Phone: +1 514-277-0606


Monday – Tuesday – Closed, Wednesday 5–10 pm, Thursday 5–10 pm, Friday 5–11 pm, Saturday 5–11 pm, Sunday – Closed

8. Marché Sushi Poke

At the charming Marché Sushi Poke, you will find an excellent selection of sushi, sashimi, and rolls made at a good price. You can try any of their menus including Chef’s specialties, futomaki, spring makis, hosomakís, wonton soup, salads, and other Japanese delicacies prepared according to the highest quality standards. This is what Sushi Poke offers to its customers. You can order online and take advantage of their delivery service or pick up your meal at 60 Duluth Est. Montreal QC H2W 1G8M. Marche is currently offering FREE Dragon Eye for online buyers who order over $ 30.

Takeaway · Delivery · No dine-in

Address: 60 Duluth Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1G8, Canada


Phone: +1 514-709-7653

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11 am–10 pm, Saturday 12–10 pm, Sunday 12–10pm

9. Sushi 4 Saisons

When searching for where to get the real flavor of Japanese real cuisines, you’ve got to look no further other than Sushi 4 Saisons. Known for their dedication to the daily use of exceptionally fresh seafood, you’ll find a wide selection to choose from, including specialties like delicious Hosomakis, tempura, and teriyakis. Only the Sushi 4 Saisons prepare the sushi menu meticulously with special and selected ingredients.

You can make a reservation to try them and experience the multi-course omakase experience offered at the sushi bar. You can choose from the cuts of sashimi and nigiri, and generous sized rolls. Asking for a seat at the sushi bar is highly recommended, and they have a professional team that will take care of your dining experience.

Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 1104 Ontario St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1R1, Canada

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11 am–10 pm, Saturday 4–10 pm, Sunday 4–10 pm


Phone: +1 514-524-8808

In conclusion, we hope that this article has informed you about where you can get the best taste of sushi and other Japanese cuisines in Montreal. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have the time to dine in any of these places, you have an option of using third-party food delivery applications like eezly. We strongly recommend that you use eezly because it gives you an edge to compare the food delivery prices of different services before completing your order on the app directly. This allows you to save money and get the best offer when ordering sushi online in Montreal.

If you have any questions or have some other places to get the best sushi in Montreal, you can drop it in the comments below.

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