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The Ultimate Montreal Food Guide For Foodies

Montreal is a famous gastronomic destination in Canada. Québec, to which Montreal belongs, has been known for its diverse culinary offerings from different parts of the world for years. As a result, foods in Montreal do not only have a French taste but also incorporate other cuisines around the world. Here is a Montreal Food guide for you.

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Why A Montreal Food Guide?

Montreal is the gastronomic capital, with the highest number of restaurants in Canada and the second-largest in North America. There is a chance that your favorite tourist spot is one of the many restaurants in Montreal. In other words, there are thousands of delicious dishes and restaurants to discover, so you can capture some essence of the city.

Montreal is also an important center for the food industry, in addition to its excellent restaurants. It is home to more than 980 processed food companies. Despite the cold climate, it boasts of being one of the largest agricultural areas in North America. Furthermore, several festivals, such as Taste Montreal, MTL à TABLE, Happy November, and Montréal en Lumière, are held every year to celebrate food in Montreal.

Here is a food lover’s guide to Montreal. This will make you discover the typical foods, dining tips, and restaurants to eat in Montreal, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This will take you on a self-guided food tour of Montreal.

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Foodies Guide To Montreal: The Land of Maple

Foodies Guide To Montreal: The Land of Maple

We would like to clarify something about Montreal, besides the maple reference. Montreal is not a version of France or Europe in North America, as many people think. Some tourists believe the city is more influenced by Europe because of the cobblestones. Many people also believe that Montreal food is more French in gastronomy. That is not the case.

Though Montreal was influenced by the diverse culture of its immigrants, it is not defined by the influence of a single nation. Food in Montreal has a mixture of French, Italian, Spanish, Caribbean, and North American influences (the list goes on). You’ll be spoiled with choices, when it comes to the food to feast on. However, Montreal has its own special type of cuisine called Montreal Cuisine, which is unique.

Eating in Montreal is not just about the food, but the experience you get by exploring its culinary scene. There are a lot of restaurants in the city, and new ones are opening. The city also has restaurants with waterfronts which are perfect for enjoying food in the open air.

Where To Start In Our Montreal Food Guide

You may have a dilemma choosing where to eat in Montreal because of the numerous restaurants to choose from. We have compiled this guide to assist time-crunched diners in deciding which restaurants to prioritize visiting among the several options.

Eezly is a food-centric website, and we publish extensive content on the best places to eat and drink in Montreal. We feature content on the best foods, restaurants, bars, and bistros in Montreal. The guide highlights the best places to eat and drink, from the classic Montreal smoked meat, to the city’s newest Michelin-starred restaurants.

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  • Montreal Food Guide For Quebecoise Eats

Montreal Food Guide For Quebecoise Eats

Quebec dishes are foods that originate from the province of Quebec in Canada. Quebec has a wide variety of foods and cooking styles. The most prevalent dishes in Quebec comprise of meat, cheese, potatoes, pie, and poutine.

Some of the best places to taste authentic Quebecois dishes in Montreal include: Toqué! (900 Pl. Jean-Paul-Riopelle). Other places include Au Pied de Cochon, La Chronique (104 Av. Laurier O), and Restaurant L’Orignal (479 Saint Alexis St).

Restaurants such as Le Petit Québec (3255 Bd Rosemont), Foiegwa (3001 Notre-Dame St W), La Banquise (994 Rue Rachel E), and Restaurant La Belle Province (1 St Catherine St E) are also popular spots for authentic Quebecois cuisine. All the restaurants have a strong focus on Quebec ingredients in their menus.

Joe Beef and Au Pied de Cochon are the best restaurants to eat Quebecois cuisine, though reserving a spot there can be difficult. If you do not have the time to queue for a meal, you can choose from the other restaurants listed above.

  • Jewish Eats in Montreal

Jewish Eats in Montreal

One of the most fascinating aspects of the history of Montreal is the influence that the Jewish community has had on it. The Jewish community in Montreal has a lot of influence on Montreal’s cuisine. Thus, Jewish food has become an integral part of Montreal dishes, with a history as old as the city itself.

Some restaurants have managed to preserve and pay tribute to these traditions and keep them relevant to Montreal culture. Viande fume (smoked meat) is an example of a Jewish dish in Montreal. The flavor of Viande Fume is similar to that of New York pastrami.

  • Specialty Introduced to Montreal

Specialty Introduced to Montreal

Viande fume is a smoked beef specialty introduced to Montreal in the early 1900s by a Jewish immigrant. The meat breast is covered with spices and salt that make the meat exude. It is left to marinate in a kind of brine for 14 days. Viande fume is served with rye bread, mustard, pickles, or pickles in brine.

Schwartz’s Deli (3895 St. Laurent Blvd.) is known for its smoked meat specialty in Montreal. Other places for a delicious smoked meat dish include kosher (1116 Saint-Catherine St), Snowdon Deli (5265 Decarie Blvd), Dunn’s Famous (1249 Metcalfe St).  Le Roi du Smoked Meat (6705 Rue St-Hubert), and Main Deli (3864 St Laurent Blvd) are other options. All the restaurants offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options.

Another Jewish cuisine that has become Montreal’s iconic food is the bagel. The two famous bakeries that prepare bagels in Montreal are Fairmount Bagel and Saint-Viateur Bagel. Both establishments vie for the title of the best place to get bagel in Montreal.

Restaurants to eat contemporary Jewish foods in Montreal

You can visit Deli (365 Rue Bernard O) and Arthurs Nosh Bar (4621 Notre-Dame St W) for more contemporary Jewish cuisine. Le Plezl (3429 Peel St), Restaurant Mozart (5335A Queen Mary Rd), and City Grill Kosher Mk (5055 Queen Mary Rd) are also people’s favorites. Other places not to miss out are Oinegs Kosher (360 Rue Saint-Viateur O), Benny & Fils (4944 Queen Mary Rd), and many more.

Montreal Food Guide For Eating Poutine in Montreal

 Poutine is one of the iconic foods of Quebec, and you can easily buy it across the city. The invention of poutine was traced back to 1957 when a truck driver named Eddy Lainesse rushed into Le Lutin Qui Rit. The restaurant called Le Lutin Qui Rit was near the town of Warwick, Quebec.

Eddy was said to have ordered a side of fries in the restaurant. Seeing a bowl full of shredded cheese and a pot of chicken sauce nearby, he suggested that the manager toss it all on top. The restaurant owner reportedly replied, “Ça va faire une maudite poutine!” The French word means, “This is going to be a goddamn mess!”

This coincidence led to a dish called “poutine,” which in French implies “mess.” The message has surprisingly become the iconic food of Montreal. The mix of fries, melted cheese, and sauce quickly is now a hit beyond Montreal; it has spread across Canada.

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Nowadays, there are special preparation techniques for poutine. Some places slice the potatoes to be thick then deep-fried in hot oil. Some people fry the potatoes twice to keep them crispy even after the sauce has been added.

Restaurants to eat poutine in Montreal

Several Canada food guides Montreal points out Poutineville (1365 Ontario East) as the best place to taste poutine in Montreal. Poutineville offers more than 15 poutine recipes in addition to the traditional version, with ingredients ranging from bacon to jalapeno peppers and guacamole.

However, Poutineville’s fame came from its Heart Attack. Heart Attack in this context is not a disease as you suppose. It is a special poutine menu from Poutineville. Heart Attack is six-and-a-half kilo poutine with chicken, bacon, sausage, ground beef, ham, onion, tomato, mushrooms, assorted peppers, and mozzarella. It costs $100, but can obviously be split.

Other hot spots for poutine are La Banquise (994 Rue Rachel E), Montréal Poutine (181 Rue Saint-Paul E), and Chez Tousignant (6956 Drolet St). Poutine Centrale (3971 Rue Hochelaga), and Vladimir Poutine Montréal (123 Rue de la Montagne) are notable restaurants that serve the specialty.

You can also try Ma Poule Mouillé’s Portuguese poutine (stuffed with chorizo, chicken, and So Jorge cheese) for a unique cross-border taste. Greenspot Restaurant (3041 Notre-Dame St W), Restaurant Chez Claudette (351 Laurier Ave E) are also perfect places.

Several places bet on unconventional poutine versions. However, we suggest that you stick with the classics: French fries, melted cheese, and meat sauce, so as not to go wrong. It’s a calorie bomb but an irresistible delight for a cold night.

Cafés in Montreal 

Cafés in Montreal

One of the first things that come to mind on hearing the word “coffee” is the famous coffee brand called Starbucks. However, many independent coffee shops maintain the originality of the classic personalized service when it comes to serving coffee in Montreal.

Many establishments in the city maintain a unique experience when dealing with their customers, be it a simple cup, a lunch, or a dessert. Here are some of the establishments that preserve the authenticity of the experience of serving coffee, especially during the harsh winter.

Cafe Track (500 rue Beaubien E.) is a place serving light dishes and hot coffee. Also, Jouney Coffee (1486 rue Sainte-Catherine) is a Mediterranean-style establishment suitable for spending a good afternoon, and tasting its excellent desserts.

Parma Cafe is an Italian cafeteria with a contemporary style where you will find classic and exquisite dishes. Paquebot (123 Avenue Mont-Royal Ouest) offers an extensive menu of specialty coffees and excellent desserts. It is also an ideal spot for a quiet afternoon outing.

Parvis Cafe (433 Mayor St), Crew Collective & Cafe (360 Rue Saint-Jacques), Café Olimpico-Vieux-Montréal (419 Rue Saint-Vincent) are Montrealers favorites. La Finca café & marché local (1067 Rue de Bleury), and Le Petit Dep-Café et épicerie fine (179 Saint-Paul St W) are also a must-visit. More so, Café Pista (500 Rue Beaubien E), and Café Olimpico-Mile End (124 Rue Saint) are among the best places for coffee.

Bars in Montreal

The bar scene in Montreal is incredible and lively. Bars in Montreal cater to all tastes, and serve a wide range of fine beers, cocktails, wines, and other unique drinks. Here is a compilation of bars with the best atmosphere, drinks, and lively music in Montreal.

The Most Lively Bars in Montreal

  • Burgundy Lion (2496 Rue Notre-Dame)

Burgundy Lion (2496 Rue Notre-Dame)

This is a quintessential sports bar. Burgundy also has a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere with a wide range of drinks. It has the largest whiskey collection from all of Quebec, with over 300 whiskeys, and traditional British pub food on its menu. It is a place to unwind and enjoy good hockey. Everyone has a good spot in the house, because the TV screens are strategically placed around.

  • Dieu du Ciel

Dieu du Ciel

Some of Montreal’s most unique beers are enjoyed at Dieu du Ciel! It attracts a crowd composed of the young, old, and professionals – basically anyone who really appreciates a really good beer. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant and welcoming, and the craft beer is sure to impress. 

Aphrodisiac, their famous original beer with hints of chocolate and vanilla is highly recommended. This bar is normally busy, which says a lot about the quality of each beer on the menu. Guests can also grab a beer and enjoy it on the terrace.

  • McLean’s Pub


This is a beautiful Irish pub with a wood-paneled interior. McLean’s Pub has for long been serving all kinds of beers and stouts. This Pub is a traditional, friendly option for a flexing afternoon during weekends.

The pub has a very cozy upstairs section and an amazing terrace for summer days. McLean is a true hub for sports lovers whenever there’s a hockey game. The atmosphere also adds to the excitement. There is nothing quite like a big game and beers with friends.

The Best Cocktails Bars in Montreal

Dominion Square Tavern (1243 Rue Metcalfe) is the perfect destination for a relaxing meal and delicious drink. The bar spans the length of the gastropub, with an abundance of bar staff crafting delicious bespoke cocktails. Excellent absinthe is also available there. The foods on Dominion’s high-quality menu are excellent, with bone marrow being a popular option.

  • Le Lab (1351 Rachel, Est)

Le Lab (1351 Rachel, Est)

This is a mixology in the heart of Montreal. It is also an ideal place for a spectacular and theatrical night. The bar staff juggles bottles and ingredients, inventing any drink you choose from the extensive menu. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out having a retro look at the bar, along with some cocktails, a vintage cash register, and quirky furniture. Each drink is served with fresh fruit, herbs, and spices, and the presentation is stunning. 

  • Chez Serge (5301 Boul. St-Laurent)

Chez Serge (5301 Boul. St-Laurent)

From the drink menus made from old Quebec plates, to the genuine mechanical bull where patrons challenge their friends after drinking, everything about Chez Serge stands out.

The bar has a great selection of beers and cocktails, free popcorn, and even the chance to spin the wheel of fortune. The rewards ranges from a free beer to a “beating” administered by the bar staff at the top of the bar.

Other Lively Bars in Montreal

Juliette and Chocolat McKibbin's Pub
  • Juliette and Chocolat: Juliette and Chocolat is the place to go for tourists who want to experience a unique and creative bar. Juliette & Chocolat believes that great chocolate is like wine. They respect cocoa, how it was grown and harvested, and where it came from.  

With chocolate from around the world, each drink at Juliette and Chocolat takes you somewhere different and gives your taste buds a whole new experience. Guests are encouraged to seek out the flavor nuances in chocolate and consider its history. Each drink is served elegantly and beautifully prepared.

  • McKibbin’s Pub: McKibbin’s Pub is in downtown Montreal. The pub offers a wonderful and lively atmosphere. With a wide range of beers and amazing live music, McKibbin brings in some of the friendliest and most open-minded people in Montreal. 

What makes this pub stand out the most is the menu—specifically the Rim Reaper Challenge. Anyone who completes the challenge wins a spot on the prestigious Wall of Flame.

Address: 6361 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, Canada.

Others recommended bars in Montreal

Bars in Montreal
  • 2 Pierrots: This is a fantastic and lively Quebec bar. Guests are amazed by the spirit and energy present in the 2 Pierrots. Its open terrace in a mezzanine, where bands play for receptive customers, makes it a lively place to relax. 

Drinks are reasonable there, and you can choose a wide range of beers on their menu. There is a lively crowd every night, cheering the many live bands that play there. The music ranges from rock, to blues, to traditional Quebec folk music.

Address: 104 Rue Saint Paul E, Montréal, Canada

  • Bistro à Jojo: This downtown blues-themed bar offers inspiring and passionate live music, as well as a wide range of drinks and snacks. This bar has excellent staff and great musicians.

Jojo is often packed, but the members of the crowd are open-minded and friendly individuals who make the bar the lively spot it is. The walls are decorated with vintage guitars. More so, its dimly lit main room with vintage posters makes it an easy place to relax and listen to the heartfelt music of the live bands.

Address: 1627 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Canada.

Montreal Food Guide For Brunch Eaters

Montreal has been awarded the title, “The Capital of Brunch in Canada.” Montreal ranks 8th among the best places to have brunch in the world. You can go to Barley (2613 Notre Dame Street West) for pancakes topped with cereal, original hot beverage, and the decadent brunch dishes.

Also, Toaster (767 Villeray Street) serves an absolutely delicious breakfast bagel. It also offers halloumi cheese, butternut squash, homemade tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pickled onions. The menu adapts to the seasons, and you will get an improved version of your lunch classics.

You can also visit Foiegwa restaurant (3001 Notre Dame Street West) in Saint-Henri Benedictines. Brunches are offered there on weekends starting from 9:30 am. Expect long lines on weekends.

Moreover, the line in front of the Régine Café (1840 Beaubien Street) seems to go on for miles because the food is worth it. You can enjoy trays of pastries, a brunch croissant with béchamel, or a homemade corn waffle with smoked salmon in their cozy atmosphere.

Other places for a perfect brunch in Montreal include Caribou Gourmand (5308 St Laurent Blvd), Le Vieux Velo (59 Rue Beaubien E). Arthurs Nosh Bar (4621 Notre-Dame St W), Le Cartet Resto Boutique (106 McGill St), Fabergé Restaurant (25 Av. Fairmount O) are also people’s favorites.

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You can also visit Passé Composé (1310 Boul. de Maisonneuve E), L’Avenue (922 Mont-Royal Ave E), and Brasserie 701 (701 Côte de la Place d’Armes) for a perfect brunch.

Montreal Food Guide for Beer Tourists

Montreal Food Guide for Beer Tourists

Montreal is among the main cities for beer tourism. With a long lineage of brewers; the passion for the drink is clearly seen in the many bars throughout the city. Canadians are good consumers of beer rather than wine because Canada is located in a region with a climate favorable for the cultivation of barley and hops. However, it is not so favorable for the production of grapes.

The Top Beer Destination in Montreal 

Molson, the oldest active North American brewery, founded in 1786, and Labatt, in 1828, are excellent options that you cannot miss on your beer tour in Montreal. These are probably one of the best beer places  in Canada.

Another excellent Canadian option is Dieu Du Ciel. This bar is one of the best breweries in the world. With its delicious beer with new flavors every season, the brewery has already won several awards at the Mondial de la Biére and other contests.

Its history began in 1998 with the Brew Pub in Montreal. Today, the brewery has a factory in St. Jerome, a city 60 km from Montreal. They produce and bottle beers for distribution in various parts of the world. It is a mandatory place to stop on your trip,  it is worth checking closely what the brand has to offer.

More so, Peel Pub spouts the fantastic beers of the Unibroue brewery, brewed in the city of Chambly, near Montreal. It is a pub to relax but it is always busy. Furthermore, Les 3 Brasseurs is a chain of brewpubs in Montreal. It pairs its great cuisine with an incredible selection of house beers. It has four locations in Montreal and six more spread across Canada.

The Caribbean Eats in Montreal

Montreal has for a decade been a crossroads for many Caribbeans. Montreal has a sizable Haitian presence that has made griot a must-try local dish in Montreal. Go to Casse-Croûte Sissi & Paul, Méli Mélo, or Kwizinn for the delicate, flavor-packed pork cubes.

  • Bakeries in Montreal

Bakeries in Montreal

There are many excellent patisseries in Montreal, but Au Kouign Amann is possibly the best. Locals love Cheskie’s for its chocolate babka, while Cheskie’s has the greatest ricotta cannoli in town. 

Première Moisson guarantees you a baguette or multigrain bread. The bakery has branches all over Montréal, one of which is in a public market in the city. Guillaume, Miette, and Automne are all excellent alternatives for bread, among many other bakeries.

  • Montreal Markets


There are 15 public markets in the city. Marchés Publics de Montréal is an association that brings together 250 participants. They offer fresh produce grown in the province of Quebec. You can enjoy crepes or succulent red fruits at the Marché Jean-Talon, though you can’t cook asparagus while traveling.

The largest market in North America, Jean-Talon, is not restricted to stalls, which would be a reason for you to go there. The public market is already a tourist attraction. Shoppers have good options to snack on something or take it to the hotel. Examples of such options include dried fruits (sold in bags) and boiled corn (with a delicious sweet taste).

The experience can be continued with some tasty commerce in the surroundings of the market. A favorite spot is Le Marché des Saveurs du Québec, which only sells products from the province of Quebec. You can always buy something there, especially maple syrup (look for syrup d’erable, its name in French). Montreal produces the best maple in Canada.

  • Food Trucks in Montreal

Food Trucks in Montreal

Food trucks have grown significantly in Montreal in the last decade, from a half-dozen options in nine downtown locations in 2013 (the year street food initiatives were launched), to about 350 trucks in 20 locations across the island. Among them is Vieux-Port, the city’s old port, right in front of the tourist area that erupts in the summer. Place Jacques-Cartier is the epicenter.

The boom in trucks with various types of food, takes place in the summer months, from spring to autumn in Canada, around April to October. For example, on your visit to Montréal Olympic Park, take advantage of the First Fridays event, which takes place between May and October. Food trucks park on the esplanade of the complex every first Friday of the month, from 4 pm to 11 pm. You can also find trucks there throughout the year.


Montreal is divided into several boroughs, but many of them are of smaller communities. It is possible to discover cafes or small establishments, have a snack or a sweet neighborhood by neighborhood and continue walking afterward.

Don’t leave town without eating some sweets with bleuet, as the blueberry is called in French—there’s always a window with delicious things. Here is a list of a few major areas for tourists, particularly those interested in gastronomy. This will give you information on the parts of town and their unique cuisine.

  • Plateau

The Plateau is also called Plateau-Mont-Royal. This neighborhood has a lot of attractive residential streets, accented by important commercial thoroughfares like Mont-Royal Avenue and St-Laurent Boulevard. You will find several eateries, stores, and empty buildings on the street. However, constant road maintenance and an increase in the rent fee have forced businesses to leave the area.

The three main tourist attractions here are Schwartz’s (for viande fume), Au Pied de Cochon, and La Banquise (for one of Montreal’s most iconic foods, called poutine). However, there are more places to savor your palate here.

The neighborhood is the center of Portuguese culture in Montreal. Visiting its two most famous restaurants, Ma Poule Mouillé and Romanos, can make you perceive the aroma of chicken frying. The Plateau also plays host to several food establishments, including Patati Patata, L’express, Leonard Cohen’s, and many more. Other places to explore in the Plateau include Yokato Yokabai (for the best ramen in Montreal) and Le Reservoir (which specializes in microbrews).

  • Mile End

Though Mile End is officially classified under Plateau Mont-Royal, it stands out as a distinct community. Mile End was influenced by the Greek immigrants in those days (but not anymore). However, it currently hosts many tech firms, artists, and is a community for Jews.

There is something for everyone in Mile End. You can explore the old Jewish district if you like trendy spots, and if you appreciate history and culture. You can also explore the restaurants and cafés if you want to eat well. Mile End is sure to impress regardless of your interests and personality. The amazing architecture, the quaint parks and gardens, and the diverse food in Mile End will wow you.

The two best bagel spots in Montreal, Fairmount, and St. Viateur are most importantly in Mile End. You will see a lot of locals and tourists visiting these places to taste the iconic food. You can dine at Olimpico for a memorable experience (for their espresso) and Wilensky’s.

Larry’s is another perfect spot to drink wine or any of the day’s meals in the neighborhood. We recommend that you visit Falafel Yoni for the best chickpea balls in the city. Pizza Toni, another restaurant in the neighborhood, offers delicious cheesy pies.

You can dine in La Khama to eat the best Mauritanian food in a relaxed setting. Bernie Beigne is the place to go for excellent doughnuts or apple fritters. Do not leave Mile End during the summer without stopping at Kem Coba for some fresh, delicious ice cream.

  • West Notre-Dame and the surrounding communities

The west of Notre Dame has in recent years experienced a massive influx of restaurant openings. A lot of people attribute the influx to the success of Joe Beef, but the closeness to the downtown area is also likely to have played a role. Joe Beef is usually fully booked for reservations weeks in advance. However, you can easily dine in Joe Beef’s sibling food restaurants like Le Vin Papillon and Liverpool House.

Stem Bar and Junior (a popular Filipino restaurant) are popular and are both in Little Burgundy. It is worth going to Foxy, a charcoal grill specialist in Griffintown, as well. Other notable places to dine in the neighborhood are Nora Gray and Mano Cornuto.

Going towards the west end of St. Henri, you’ll find a lot of great places to eat around there. The Tuck Shop is a great place to dine or have a snack. Elena’s is a charmingly small place that is quickly growing in popularity due to its delicious pizza and pasta. Satay Brothers serve authentic Singaporean cuisine. Sumac also offers a slightly different experience with its Mediterranean menu and friendly staff.

Do not neglect to visit Green Spot, which specializes in poutine (which originated in Quebec) and has a lot of variations. Green Spot has poutine for everyone, from the standard to the vegetarian, to the Asian-inspired. They also have a wide range of other dishes, from burgers to salads. Tacos Frida is a Mexican-inspired taco place that boasts various tacos, including the popular Al Pastor and vegetarian options. Atwater Market is a nice place to visit too, especially during the summer.

  • Little Italy and Mile-Ex

Who doesn’t love a good Italian meal?  Little Italy is the place to go for visitors and Montreal locals alike. It’s known for the Jean-Talon Market, which is stocked with fresh foods from various vendors. Locals try to visit this market every week to stock up on vegetables, fruits, and meats. However, Little Italy is also home to many restaurants where you can get a delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for a casual pizza place or a more expensive sit-down restaurant, you can find it here!

Restaurants like Pizzeria Gema, San Gennaro, and Impasto are a few of the diners’ favorites in the area. They are owned by chefs who have spent their entire lives learning the craft of cooking delicious Italian food. You can also go to Epicerie Pumpui restaurant for delicious Thai cuisine.

Impasto, Pizzeria Gema, and San Gennaro all provide some of the greatest surprises to Italians in Little Italy. Locals also flock to Little Italy for top-notch Thai foods at Épicerie Pumpui, a counter restaurant. You can also visit Mon Lapin, a wine bar, for a nearly-guaranteed great evening out.

 The so-called “Mile-Ex” (officially Marconi-Alexandra) is at the west of Little Italy and St-Laurent Boulevard. This neighborhood is home to several excellent restaurants. Dinette Triple Crown serves some of the best-fried chicken and smoked brisket in the South, while Le Diplomate and Marconi offer inventive menus.

  • La Petite-Patrie

This neighborhood, bounded by busy Little Italy to the west and Plateau Mont-Royal to the south. It is not a surprise that new food establishments are springing up in the neighborhood. This neighborhood has, within a few years, welcomed some amazing restaurants to its streets. Some of them include Antonietta (serving Italian food), Darna (specializing in preparing Moroccan cuisine), and Nordic (a wine bar). The influx of new food establishments continues with more establishments like Pichai (a Thai bar for wines), Mellön, Garde, and Pho Tay Ho (the best place for noodle soup).

  • Old Montreal

Old Montreal

In Vieux-Montréal, the old part of the city, the alleys, and cobbled streets invite you to take a leisurely stroll. You can stop in Saint Paul and sit in one of the great restaurants that are found among the art galleries on this street. You can go to the west end of Vieux-Montréal and eat a panini. You can taste some of the baked delights at Olive & Gourmando, but it is crowded at lunchtime!

If you’re in the mood for something finer, head to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal for some macarons. Close to the city’s beautiful basilica is the Europea Espace Boutique, one of the ventures of Jérome Ferrer, Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux. It is at the head of his stellar Europea, a restaurant among the 166 Grands Tables du Monde association.

As you travel between Vieux-Montréal and the city’s neighborhoods, try walking along with Boulevard Saint Laurent and stopping here and there for a taste. The street cuts through the city, crossing from the Quartier Chinois (the Chinatown) to the Petite Italie (Little Italy), the Marché Jean-Talon region.

On your way, you will come across many options. One of them is a Montréal classic: Schwartz’s. The hall is so narrow that you will wonder why such a small space is so popular. The size of the place and the success of the smoked meat sandwich (with an original recipe from 1928) caused long lines to form outside. It’s good and cheap, as well as big. It is an icon among the snacks consumed not only by tourists but also by residents of the city.

  • Chinatown 

Chinatown is a neighborhood full of Asian culture and cuisine. Montreal’s Chinatown has a top-notch culinary offering, though it is small in comparison to those in North America. You can visit Nouilles de Lan Zhou for a blazing hot bowl of highly flavored soup and Chinese-style noodles.

You can visit Done and Handy to savor some barbeque, especially the Hong Kong style. Mon Nan is a Chinese restaurant offering classic Chinese cuisine in the area. Patisserie Harmonie is the best place to visit, whenever it is time to savor your tongue with sweet stuff. They offer all kinds of pastries with sweet fillings.

Aside from Chinese cuisine, the neighborhood hosts Pho Bang New York, which offers Vietnamese soup. Another place to visit there is Fleurs & Cadeaux. It is a Japanese bar offering sake and snacks. Never leave Chinatown without paying a visit to Dragon’s Beard Candy, a long-running stall that makes and sells traditional Chinese confections.

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  • Tipping waiters in Montreal restaurants

All restaurants in Montreal work with a tipping scheme; it is optional. Waiters will practically receive the tip. We recommended that you give between 10% and 20% of the account value.

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  • Food and wine Montreal guide: apportez votre vin

Many restaurants allow customers to bring their own wine. They will help you open the bottle and offer you some glasses. You will always find a sign indicating “apportez votre vin,” on the facade, where it is allowed. It is a very interesting option to not spend too much on buying wine in a restaurant.

  • Shared Account

Restaurants readily present the customer’s bill on the table. Restaurants do not necessarily add up the bill of what was consumed for everyone on a table. That means each customer receives his bill, even when you are at a table with friends.


Food delivery services can be a great addition to anyone’s life. It is good to be able to call up a food delivery service any time of day or night and have a hearty meal brought right to your doorstep when you’re busy, or simply don’t feel like cooking, 

Depending on the company, you can get all kinds of different delicious foods without lifting a finger. Everyone who lives in or visits Montreal should use a food delivery service with good prices and a diverse menu.

Some restaurants in Montreal offer food delivery services to customers while some restaurants partner with third-party delivery services to deliver food to their customers. You have a choice of ordering food directly from a restaurant or through a food delivery app.

Food delivery apps work as restaurant aggregators; they feature menus from restaurants in Montreal. Many food apps have a search feature that allows you to input a query for your favorite meal. Then you will get results of the meal from all the restaurants that partner with the app.

You can further filter your search results by the menu price, shipping fee, delivery time, and other parameters. Some of the features are used by food hacks lovers and food delivery hack experts. They use it to reduce their total meal ordering costs on food apps.

Moreover, some apps have a geolocation feature that allows users to search for a “restaurant near me.” This will be helpful for a tourist who does not know about the city’s neighborhood. It will help to locate a nearby restaurant. Some of the food delivery apps in Montreal are eezly, DoorDash, UberEats, and many more.

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Local Versus Multinational Food Delivery Services in Montreal 

Local Versus Multinational Food Delivery Services in Montreal 

There are basically two types of food delivery services in Montreal: local food delivery companies and multinational companies. Multinational food delivery companies offer their services in more than one country. An example of such is UberEats, which offers services in many countries in Europe, America, and North America, including Canada. Local food delivery services are companies that have their services bound within the shores of a country, which in this case in Canada. The best local food delivery app in Montreal is eezly.

Any of these kinds of companies is good, is a key point to note. However, local food apps charge a relatively low delivery fee when compared to multinational food delivery services. This is the reason you should consider using a local food app like eezly instead of multinational apps like Uber Eats when ordering food for delivery in Montreal.

Another benefit of using a local food app is that it will help you save some money on the cost of the menu. You may ask how. Here is how. Many multinational food delivery services add an extra fee to the original menu prices from their restaurant partners. You can know the intermediary cost by comparing the menu price on the restaurant’s website to that on the app. Local food apps like eezly do not charge any intermediate fees on their featured menus. 

eezly: The Best Food Delivery Service in Montreal 

eezly is the best option when searching for the best food delivery services in Montreal. Eezly is homophonic with the word “Easily,”. Many people pronounce the company as “Easily.” The homophonic pronunciation of the company’s name itself communicates the ease of using the app.

You can download their app either from Google PlayStore or the iOS store. Eezly has some powerful features for its users. Some features include geolocation, search box, and search result filter based on the shipping fee and delivery turnaround.

We hope that our Montreal food guide for Foodies Lovers has helped you enjoy the city’s cuisine. Please contact us anytime if you have any other questions or concerns about eating in Montreal or if you would like to share your own recommendations for a favorite place. We always love to hear from our readers. Thanks for reading. We are always excited when our posts provide useful information on a topic like this!

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