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How to Find the Best Deals when Ordering Food Delivery

How to find the best deals when ordering food delivery. If you are ordering food delivery more frequently, make sure you apply smart food delivery tricks. They can assist you by saving money and time in the kitchen. This will help you get the best saving when ordering food online.

If you are ordering food delivery more frequently, make sure you apply smart food delivery tricks. They can assist you by saving money and time in the kitchen. Saving a few bucks every time you order can add up to big savings over time, whether you’re getting free delivery or buying once and dining twice.

While some dishes should never be ordered for delivery, there are plenty of others that make excellent leftovers. Warm them up the next day, or upcycle them into something else different. Use our suggestions to make your food delivery to get the best deals when ordering food delivery.

How to find the Best Deals when Ordering Food Delivery

  1. Take advantage of discounts for new customers

Eezly, SkipTheDishes, GrubHub, and UberEats are just a few of the delivery service apps that provide incentives and discounts to new consumers. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time to do so and take advantage of any zero delivery fee or other discounts they may be offering. Are you unsure where to find the best deals? This is an excellent place to begin.

Best Food Delivery Services in 2022: eezly vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash

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  1. Try to meet the minimum order needed for the free delivery charge

Some restaurants offer free delivery to customers who order meals at a certain quantity or price. You can save some money on delivery by ordering to meet the minimum order needed to be eligible for zero delivery cost. Even if there’s a minimum you need to spend to qualify for free delivery, it’s always better to get more food than you need, which you can keep for later consumption.

You can also make a bulk purchase for a group of people to reach the minimum order quantity to get food delivered without paying for delivery. This will only make you pay for the meal and save on delivery costs.

Order foods that can be reheated the next day or an extra main dish that can be kept in the fridge.

  1. Subscribe to a delivery service

Some delivery businesses provide a subscription or membership that allows you to save money on all of your orders. Postmate, for example, charges a $5.99 bucks flat delivery cost on all orders. However, they do offer a $9.99 monthly subscription that entitles all orders over $20 to delivery with zero charges. If you order food frequently, this could be an excellent method to save money on delivery.

Getting the Best Deals by Ordering enough Food for leftovers when Ordering Food Delivery

  1. Keep your leftovers fresh by storing them in the fridge

“The food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

Ann Wigmore

It is bad to let a fresh meal sit on the counter for far too long for it to spoil. Make it a practice to place your delivered food in the fridge as soon as everyone has finished serving their plates. You will not only be practicing food safety but also have less cleaning to do once your stomach is full. It can also help you avoid overeating.

  1. Know how to properly reheat leftovers

One of the ways to save on delivery is to order a lot of food at once and eat it twice. However, it is important to reheat leftovers well to avoid food waste. Rice, for example, will need water to regain its soft, fresh texture. Spaghetti should be warmed on the burner, and pizza requires some tried and tested methods to avoid sogginess. The fresher your leftovers, the more you’ll think you got a bargain. 

  1. For leftovers, avoid foods that spoil quickly in the refrigerator

Avoid ordering foods that soak up moisture and get soggy quickly or generally don’t hold up well in storage. Examples of such dishes include those with rice noodles, which lose their delicate texture when not fresh, and burritos and tacos, where the moisture from the toppings usually affects the tortillas’ integrity. Also, avoid anything containing guac or avocado, which can oxidize and turn brown within hours. 

  1. Choose dishes that will keep well as leftovers

Ordering additional main or side dishes that you can prepare into entirely new dishes is a way to save money and make cooking the next day a breeze. Pasta, rice, beans, and grilled meats will keep well and can be combined with different sauces or added to soups and salads.

Hacks to Save Money When Ordering Food Delivery

  1. Use the free delivery filter

Food ordering apps like Eezly have a filter feature that allows their users to filter restaurants offering free delivery for a meal. You first have to do a search for your favorite meal. You will find a lot of those menus from different restaurants. Narrow down the search results by filtering out restaurants with free shipping offers. This will always help you get the best deal every time you are ordering food delivery.

  1. Use food apps that have a geolocation feature

The Geolocation search feature is an amazing feature that can help you get the best deal when ordering food for delivery. You might wonder how; we will show you. The cost of the delivery fee depends on the proximity of the restaurant to your address. So, the further you are from the restaurant, the higher your delivery costs will be.

Doing a geolocation search will allow you to locate and order dishes from restaurants available in your area to save money on delivery. So, if you are in Downtown Montreal, you will only get search results for Downtown restaurants. This trick will not only help you save some money on delivery but also hasten the time at which you will receive your order.

Pro tip: Eezly food delivery app has a geolocation search feature that you can use to get the best deals on food delivery.

Other Ways to Save Money When Ordering Food Delivery

  1. Make use of the fastest delivery filter

“Delivery is about being more efficient, it’s about numbers, and it’s about extracting cost.”

Ronald M. Shaich

Having your food delivered at the fastest possible time is a way to save time. You will find the delivery time for each restaurant when you search for your favorite meal. However, browsing through each huge result one after the other is time-consuming. You can save time by using the fastest delivery restaurant filter. Eezly food app has this feature.  Eezly is also a food tracker app that you can use to track your order in real-time.

  1. Compare prices on different food apps

Eezly, FoodBoss and MealMe are there apps that can help you find the cheapest and fastest delivery service for any restaurant in your neighborhood. These there free apps will compare all major food delivery service prices and estimated delivery times.

Eezly is a food delivery app that allows you to compare delivery fees and delivery time across different restaurants. Eezly is available on the Google Play Store and iOS store.

Foodboss allows users to compare prices between food apps like Uber Eats, Postmates,, and others. You may search for food by category or local restaurants, and the app will show you which delivery services have the best discounts, the lowest rates, and the quickest delivery times. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or you can use the FoodBoss website on your PC.

We hope that you find this article helps you save some money when ordering food delivery. Kindly leave a comment if you know of other ways to get the best deals.

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