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How to Lose Weight Fast Through Food Delivery App

Losing weight fast is one of the most desired goals for every health-conscious person. However, it requires focusing on the key important aspects that will make it achievable.  While many factors could contribute to having a healthy weight,  dieting is one of the key areas of focus. To lose a kilogram of fat within a week, you should aim to reduce at least 3,500 calories from your diet. 

Also, you need to focus on getting your nutrients from healthy foods, which include whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. By writing, “whole food”, we mean foods that are literally in their whole form and with minimal processing to keep it as close as possible to their original form. In addition to the healthy foods and lean proteins, color pigmentation (greens, purple, vibrant red, and blue) of many vegetables and fruits is important for the overall health benefits. A perfect analogy is an apple fruit and apple juice. The latter does not have some important components like the skin, seeds, and fleshy part. Consequently, the apple fruit offers all the goodness and is far healthier than the apple juice. Therefore, your diet should include a nutritious diet that is carbohydrate-rich, protein-rich, and high in fiber to attain a healthy weight. 

If you are trying to eat a healthier diet or lose weight, you should use good meal planning techniques to balance the food ingredients and cook your food at home. But facing the reality, waiting to plan and prepare food while in a rush may not always be feasible for many individuals. This also holds for those with very tight schedules at every moment of the day. This is because many busy people often find planning and preparing meals at home as cumbersome thus end up in the drive-by-lane of a fast food joint on many occasions. Some alternatively consider using online food delivery applications that send a ready-to-eat meal to their address. 

However, only a few food delivery services cater to busy dieters, and they are called meal delivery services. Meal delivery services are the new and fastest way for dieters to have healthy meals that will help them achieve their dietary goals. It saves a lot of time and gives the freedom needed. If you are not used to this new trend, don’t worry, we will explain everything you need to know. Firstly, the meal delivery industry ensures you have access to the most affordable and convenient dietary solutions for healthy eating. Apart from weight loss meal delivery, diet delivery services provide other services to meet different dietary needs like; vegan, keto, people, vegetarian, etc. These companies either provide ready-to-eat meals or ingredients with recipe guides for the consumers to prepare their meals. The ingredients are always portioned in the exact quantity needed and are provided according to your preferences. Most importantly, the nutritional and energy values of the meals are excellent and optimally balanced, thereby solving the puzzle of balancing your meals. 

However, not all weight-loss food programs are right for every type of dieter. As you know that it is not just a single diet plan that can help you lose weight, as such, it is not just a single meal delivery company that can work best for you. To make the right choice of diet delivery company, these are important questions that you need to get answers to them. Some of this information may be readily available on the meal kits delivery website but in some occasions, you have to search for it by contacting the company’s support or checking the faq section. 

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Diet Meal Program on a Food Delivery App to lose weight

1. Check if the Meal Program is Designed for Weight Loss? 

The first thing you need to consider when considering choosing a meal-delivery kit company is to know if its meal program is specifically designed for weight loss. This is because there are different dietary needs that meal delivery companies offer meal diet programs for. Some programs are for vegans, ketos, vegetarians, etc.

Also, your chosen meal delivery company need to provide enough information about the calorie present in each meal. Good weight loss meal planning will assist you to cut down some calorie to enhance your weight loss. This is because irrespective of the kinds of healthy foods in your diet, they cannot do any wonder on their own without a counter-calorie approach in the planning. Therefore take some time to see if the meal delivery company offers a specific weight loss program for its customers. You can also check if they offer other programs that meet your other dietary needs.

2. Does the company provide information about the calorie of the diet? 

The key to weight loss is a smart organization of diet, with calorie balance. Many experts believe that successful weight management is a simple logic; eating fewer calories than you burn. However, this may be subjective. For example, eating 100 calories of high fructose corn syrup can have a different effect on your body than eating the same calories of broccoli. A good meal delivery company that will make you achieve a sustained weight loss should exclude foods that are packed with calories but don’t make you feel full (like candy), and replace them with foods that fill you up without being loaded with calories (like vegetables). Some meal delivery companies restrict you to taking a fixed amount of calories per day, while some allow flexibility in the calorie intake each day. Being kept in touch with calories taken will make you reach your health and fitness goals. 

3. Check other nutritional details for each meal. 

Good nutritional information about the meal can help you know how the meal is balanced and as such help you with formulating your meal plan after you quit the program.

4. Does the food taste good? 

Just because you want to lose weight fast doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your taste preference. Weight loss dieting on its own could be challenging. Eating meals without good taste can make the weight loss journey tiring and more challenging. For this reason, you need to check if the taste of each of the diets in the plan is good. However, there is no way you could know this before tasting. You can simply know this by using online forums, food networks, and other third-party sites related to meal delivery to check comments. In addition, if the meal delivery company provides a column for reviews and comments on their website, that can give you a good insight into what you will get. 

5. Does this plan include all the foods? 

Although some meal delivery plans can look cheap, there may be extra hidden costs attached. Some diet delivery services may not add some ingredients in your meal (though it is included in your meal plan), thus you will need to buy them personally to complement your diet. When choosing your meal delivery company, you need to check if they provide all the diets in the plan at the agreed weekly price shown on their website. Otherwise, you might need to look for another company. Moreover, adding extra ingredients in excess can make you add more weight rather than lose it. 

6. Is any additional services included in this program? 

In addition to the meal delivery services, some companies offer extra services to their customers. This may includes access to dietitians, access to forums with like-minded weight loss enthusiasts, free access to physical fitness equipment, etc. If you could get services that offer additional incentives, you may want to consider them over those that don’t. 

7. Does the program allow me to cut out some of the meals within the week? 

Before signing up with a meal delivery program, you need to decide the duration in which you will be subscribed to its service. This is because meal delivery programs are relatively expensive when compared to planning and preparing meals yourself at home, to you can gradually cut out some meals in your weekly diet and substitute them with those you prepare at home. However, you must have an understanding of good meal planning before you can prepare a healthy diet at home. If a diet supply service doesn’t allow you to cut out some meal in their program, it may not cost-friendly.  

8. Can I eat these foods if I am worse? 

Many of the diet delivery programs include a lot of convenience food in their meal delivery plans. These kinds of foods are popular and almost everyone is used to taking them daily. The pros of this is that dieters will not feel restricted to their regular dishes, thus makes their weight loss dieting convenient. While this may sound nice, it has its cons. After quiting a meal delivery program, most dieters still get used to eating the foods, unknowing to them that the home prepared version is not formulated for weight loss and could lead to a regain of their weight lost. Therefore, if a meal delivery company contains a lot of popular conveniences that you may get use to after you quit program, you can consider going for another. 

9. How is the food shipped and how much does it cost? 

Shipping cost is another important factor put into consideration before choosing a meal delivery company. Some services do not disclose information about their shipping cost on their website. Since you don’t know before, you may feel overcharged when your meal is delivered. To avoid this, you need to find out the shipping cost of the meal before signing up.

Another important thing to consider is how often they ship; is it once or twice per week? Which days of the week do they ship? More so, the condition in which your meal is delivered should be defined. Questions like, will the food be maintained in a suitable condition for my meal? Will a protective packaging against contamination be provided? Should in case I am not available to receive my meal, can someone else receive it on my behalf? 

10. How can I cancel my subscription and what are the terms for cancellation? 

Meal delivery companies are businesses that will want you to patronize them continuously. As such, most automate the renewal of your meal delivery plan, except you cancel your subscription. This could save you the stress of renewing your plan every period, however, meal delivery programs are not affordable for a long time. As such you might want to unsubscribe from your chosen service and start preparing a meal at home. You need to have clear instruction on the procedure for cancellation, and terms and conditions for the plan cancellation, should you find their service unsatisfactory. 

Weight loss Meal Delivery Companies in Canada that will helpy ou lose weight faster

1. Hello Fresh

Hello fresh is one of the most popular diet delivery programs that provide both ready-to-eat meals and portioned fresh ingredients for cooking, as designed by a nutritionist in Canada. Each meal is planned with the quantity and calorie balance put in check to make you attain a healthy weight in the shortest time possible.

Also, they provide the nutritional information for all their dishes and ingredients they are sending to you, so you can be well informed and keep track of your diet. Hello Fresh offers up to 4 veggie recipes weekly as part of their classic plan. However, they do not offer exclusive diet plans for vegans. Nonetheless, vegans can always find dishes that suit their dietary preferences in the classic plan. Moreover, this company is known for using fresh ingredients for preparing its dishes. Another exciting thing about this company is that you can skip meals for a week or cancel your subscription anytime. 

2. Good Food

Good Food has a weight loss meal delivery program for those who want to lose weight fast. Their Clean 15 plan which consists of low carb and high protein diets is perfect for anyone trying to lose some fats. You can choose from two to four of their Clean 15 recipes. In addition to that, they offer a meal plan for vegetarians, all in balanced proportions. All their meals are packaged in an insulated container to maintain it’s temperature and taste till it is delivered to you. The main distinction with Good Food is their use of farm-fresh ingredients, well-crafted meal, and their use of fresh ingredients. The meal plan for this company is cheap; less than $10 per serving and you have to order at least two recipes in a week. 

3. Active Eats

Active Eats offers excellent low carb and low-calorie meal plans that are perfect for people trying to lose weight fast, people trying to eat a healthier diet or people who just want the convenience of prepared food. Their weight loss meal plan is cost-effective and they offer different varieties. The cons with using this service are that they do not allow you to substitute meals within your chosen plan and their service is more available around the Toronto area only. Also, they deliver twice a week; Sunday and Wednesday. 

4. Eezly

eezly is one of the best food delivery services in Montreal, Canada. Although they do not offer a special diet meal delivery service, they offer a lot of healthy meal options that can help you to lose weight fast. Their service is one of the best and most affordable. You can download the app by clicking here.

Other meal delivery services in Canada include Meal Prep Ottawa, Zone Meals, Eat Your Cake, FED, Movement Food, Livefit Foods, and Chefs Plate. We hope that this article had enlightened you on how you can lose weight fast by using meal delivery apps. If you have any questions, kindly write in the comment section below.

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