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13 Secrets of Montreal Food Guide for Diners

Montreal in Quebec, Canada, is a paradise for food lovers. The city has a splendid culinary scene which is evident in the many award-winning restaurants, food trucks, farmers markets, traditional venues, and specialty shops available there. The unique flavor of this beautiful city is the result of the fusion of its French Canadian heritage with the influence of more than 120 cultures from around the world. This is caused by the diverse communities that coexist in the city, resulting in a wide mix of ethnic restaurants. Therefore, it is not surprising that Montreal is one of the best culinary destinations in the world. We have written this Montreal Food Guide to guide you so that you can be informed about the flavors that Montreal has to offer.

The first thing that we recommend is to try Montreal’s local specialties, such as its artisan cheese and other wonderful traditional dishes that have been characterized by the province of Quebec. Some of them include craft beer, natural wine, cider, hearty meat pies, baked beans, and maple syrup desserts. We recommend that you read these two articles to have a full list of typical dishes from Montreal and Canada, “Top 10 Foods that you need to try in Montreal” and “Popular Montreal Foods to Try Out in 2021“. One of the great places to try these specialties and other local delicacies is the La Banquise. We have a comprehensive article on a list of best restaurants in Montreal in 2021. We recommend that you read this, it will be useful as a Montreal food guide for you.

The second thing to do is to taste Montreal specialties, that is, foreign products and preparations that have become part of the culinary identity of the city. Cuisines in Montreal are not just about the French cuisines alone, some foreign cuisines that immigrants brought to the city have become part of the identity of the city. Some noteworthy examples are the smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen, and the Bagels from St. Viateur.

Moreover, we recommend that you try out cuisines from other cultures. There are lots of restaurants offering other multi-cultural foods like Greek, Thai, Chinese, Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, American, French, Korean, Portuguese, Continental, African, and many more cuisines. This is not far fetched from the fact that Montreal contains immigrants from diverse nations and cultural backgrounds. Each of the cultures has introduced their cuisines into the city, thus some restaurants have specialized in preparing the dishes due to the high demand from customers. If you are not rigid in taking dishes from your culture alone, or you like to taste dishes from other cultures, it will be good to try other cuisines. We also recommend that you read our article on the cuisines to order when using a food delivery app in Montreal.

The third is, of course, eating in one of its most iconic restaurants in the city. The city’s culinary scene rivals that of other cities with the best gastronomy, so there are countless great options to try. However, as in any destination, there are some truly unmissable places, which are distinguished by the mastery of their preparations, their exciting proposals, their best quality ingredients, or simply, for their incomparable atmosphere. In the case of Montreal, some of the restaurants to visit are Montreal Plaza with a delicious menu and highly creative cuisine, Le Filet; where you can get a wide variety of seafood, Avant-Garde, Les Enfants Terribles; where you’ll get a spectacular view of the city, and the elegant and traditional Chez Delmo.

Montreal Food Guide For Restaurants Where You Can Dine.

One of the main dignities of the city of Montreal is a wide selection of food establishments. Even a sophisticated gourmand will be challenged to choose a suitable place to eat among various restaurants and cafes. This article on the best restaurants in Montreal in 2021 will help you make an informed decision and choose a place for dining or ordering foods in Montreal. We have added a few more restaurants in addition to those mentioned in the article below.

Beauty’s Restataurant

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Beauty's Restataurant

This restaurant is located at 93 Mont-Royal Avenue West. This legendary restaurant is among the best restaurants in town for brunch. It is best to get there before 10 AM on Sundays. If you arrive later, you will have to wait almost an hour in line. The menu it offers is a delicious and healthy menu, very rich in its ingredients, and contains quite a few fresh fruits and vegetables. The average serving price is 10 Canadian dollars. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 4 PM, Sundays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Beaver Club

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - beaver Club | eezly

This is located at 900 René-Lévesque Boulevard West. The restaurant is located at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and offers a rich menu of local Canadian dishes, with touches of flavors from the British Kingdom. It offers a selection of fine wines, by the glass and bottle and some say it is the best place to find the best martini in town. Opening hours: Lunch: Monday to Friday from 12 to 15, and dinner: Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 to 23:00.

Chez Alexandre

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Chez Alexandre

This restaurant is opposite the Les Cours Mont Royal shopping plaza, in the city center, you will find the Zeta restaurant. This bistro restaurant is great for lunch or dinner. It was first opened in the summer of 1976 in honor of the Olympics and has since become a favorite of locals, thanks to the Canadian and French dishes it offers. You can sit on its top floor and watch other diners and visitors[5] [6] . A meal for two, without a drink, costs an average of C $60. Their address is at 1454 Peel Street. Opening hours is from 11:30 until 2 in the morning.

La Binerie

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - La Binerie

This restaurant offers real and excellent Canadian food, with dishes typical of the Quebec region. All this along with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Meals are well made, reasonably priced and the menu includes traditional dishes, such as Tourtière (meat pie), Fèves-au-Lard (which is baked) and pea soup. Average price per serving C $ 8.

Grand Salon

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Grand Salon

Among the prestigious gastronomic establishments you can visit the Grand Salon restaurant. The restaurant specializes in haute cuisine dishes. They offer delicate delicacies, vintage and branded wines brought from all over the world. In addition to its excellent dishes, Grand Salon restaurant features a luxurious interior and elegant décor. Dining at this restaurant will turn a usual dinner into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Restaurants For Business Meal: Montreal Food Guide

If a business trip is what brought you to Montreal, you might want to research restaurants that have a setting that is appropriate for a business meal. This is important because not all restaurants have enough facilities and space that will make them suitable for corporate business dining. Another thing is the proximity of the restaurant to the business districts in Montreal. Here are a few lists of some restaurants that you can book for your next business meeting in Montreal.

Restaurant Graziella

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Restaurant Graziella

Located at 116 McGill St, in the heart of the Old Montreal business district, their spaces provide the ideal setting for private or business events and business meetings – with or without a presentation. Aside from business meetings, Restaurant Graziella is also used to host other kinds of events like festivals, birthdays, family, family meetings, etc. According to information obtained from their website, their space can accommodate up to 80 seated guests, and up to 150 guests for a cocktail reception. Their different group menus can be harmonized with wines carefully selected by their sommeliers.

Restaurant Le Carré

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Restaurant Le Carré

If you’d like to have a business meeting in a friendly and refined atmosphere, Le Carré is a perfect place for you. Located at 1191 Le Square Phillips Hôtel & Suites.  Their space is ideal for a simple personal meal, a business lunch, or a festive evening, all in a cozy-chic setting. Apart from their restaurant, they have a bar with all kinds of wine.

Trattoria Gio

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Trattoria Gio | eezly

This Italian restaurant is located at 452 Pl. Jacques-Cartier, Montréal, QC, Canada. They offer several delicious dishes like pizza, arancini, lasagna, salade misto, risotto funghi, entrecôte de boeuf, etc. Their space gives you an excellent dining experience with an elegant feel. Sitting on their deck will make you have a view of the Montreal City Hall and Place Jacques Cartier, allowing you to see the attractions. You can book this restaurant for groups, birthdays, and corporate business events.

Other perfect restaurants for business meal are

40 Westt Steakhouse, Henrie Brasserie Française, Mitsuki Sushi, Mechant Boeuf Bar & Brasserie, Fiorellino Laurier, Brasserie T! Brossard Quartier Dix 30, and Le Polisson.

Restaurants With The Most Lively Bars in Montreal: Montreal Food Guide

For many people, eating and drinking alone is not enough. You may want to rock the music or watch an artist perform live, while you enjoy your meal and drink. If you are looking for restaurants that are among the hottest spots in Montreal, we provide this list of some restaurants with the most lively bars in the city.


Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Marcus

This is one of the best restaurants with a lively clubhouse located at 1440 Rue de la Montagne in Montreal. Here is a review that was recently written by one of their customers on Local Guide, “Love the ambiance and open layout of Marcus as it’s an open terrace at night which turns into a lounge. Montreal is known for its supper clubs and this is no exception. As we were visiting for a 24hr layover, I made sure to book his restaurant a month in advance as availability is limited (I recommend doing the same).

We started the night with their modern twist cocktails and the salmon belly. As for the main dishes, we had the scallops and halibut. Everything met our expectations and I would come back again as I heard his spaghetti Piccadilly is his signature dish. I’ve been to a couple of his restaurants in Scandinavia and I can confidently say the quality is consistent. Great job Marcus, another win in the books for an amazing restaurant in an amazing city!”

Deville Dinerbar

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Deville Dinerbar

Located at 1425 Stanley St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1P4, Canada, Deville Dinerbar is one of the hottest spots for people looking for a lively bar. It is described as a place where the old school diner and modern cocktail bar meet. Deville Dinerbar serves American-inspired dishes such as general tao salad, salad, fried chicken and waffles, poke tostada, pain perdu, famous mac and cheese wontons, lobster spaghetti, etc. Burgers, meatloaf & rotisserie chicken are reimagined in this whimsical eatery with marble tables.

“There’s absolutely nothing that I’ve eaten here that isn’t phenomenal. I always start with the coconut bartered onion rings not only are they huge but they come with a root beer dipping sauce that’s to die for. I followed up with a burger that had a bone marrow mayo and candied bacon. My girl got the macho salad and the croutons are made of cornbread. We were excited to be eating indoors again and got some Mac and cheese and lobster pogos too”, a user’s review on Local Guide.

Le Bird Bar

Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Le Bird bar

This is located at 1800 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec. When you want to taste a great cocktail, the Le Bird Bar is the best plug. This bar offers everything you will ever want; alcohol, beer, cocktails, coffee, late-night food, small plates, spirits, and wine. They also offer vegetarian dishes for vegetarians and vegans. Also, their dining atmosphere is cozy such that you will have a relaxed and comfortable dining experience. They also have enough space for those who want to dine in groups or want to go with their family. Le Bird Bar offers curbside pickup, delivery, takeaway, and dine-in options, so you can choose the one you’ll like to go for.

Other restaurants with the most lively bars in Montreal are Restaurant Pigoro, Le Tequila Bar, Terrasse W Montreal, La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant, Microbrasserie Le Prospecteur inc., Fiorellino Laurie, and Le Polisson.


Montreal Food Guide for Diners - Modavie

This restaurant is located at 1 Saint-Paul St W, in Montreal. Modavie is described as Montreal’s most popular jazz bistro-bar. They offer live local bands 7 evenings a week! For 20 years, Modavie has offered a cozy and jazzy atmosphere for a meal in good company where pastis is king! Its cellar offers a generous selection of wines to enhance the delicious dishes of lamb, fish, beef, duck, and pasta. They also prepare healthy dishes and options for vegetarians. Modavie is safe for transgender and LGBTQ-friendly.

We hope that you find this Montreal Food guide very helpful. If you prefer to order food online via food delivery services, we recommend that you read our article on food delivery services in Montreal. To save you some time, we suggest that you use the eezly app. eezly app works as an aggregator that allows you to compare offers from several food delivery companies in Montreal. eezly will help you to cut down cost when ordering food delivery in Montreal.

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