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15 Reasons Why Popular Montreal Foods Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

One of the aspects of interest when traveling to a destination is the typical food of the city. On your trip to Montreal, you will get various dishes with rich flavors from different parts of the world, from which you can choose. However, there are some popular Montreal foods you may not want to miss out on. Though some of these foods do not originate from the city, they have been characterized as Montreal and Canadian cuisines. Hearing others talk about these dishes after exiting Montreal may be unpleasant, especially if you haven’t tasted them. Therefore, here is a compilation of the most popular Top 10 Foods In Montreal That You Need To Try.

1. Poutine

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Poutine is a dish made from potatoes, beef, and chunks of cheese. It is a typical Canadian food that is made from coagulated milk with a creamy texture. Poutine is made of a portion of potatoes, combined with an exquisite sauce made from the beef broth. Its differentiating touch is the pieces of cheese in grain placed on top. 

You can have a plate of poutine at almost any fast food outlet in Quebec. To make this dish you must start with the preparation of the sauce, which consists of a combination of butter and flour, added to the beef broth. Later, you will have to fry the potatoes and then place the cheese in pieces on them. Missing out on this popular Montreal food will be painful.

2. Salmon

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Known for its delicious taste, salmon is a common dish in many parts of the world. However, Canada is one of the countries with the highest production and export of this tasty fish. For this reason, this could not stop being one of the popular Montreal foods. 

Salmon is being used either as a main ingredient or as a topping. Without a doubt, salmon versatility is perfect for endless recipes. It can be eaten fresh, smoked, or canned. No matter how it is prepared, you will love it. You can buy it at any fishmonger to make it yourself, but you can also try this popular food in many Montreal restaurants.

3. Lobster

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Canada stands as a rich country in the production and export of kinds of seafood. One of the richest and best qualities is the well-known and delicious lobster. There are many ways to prepare this seafood; the easiest is by soaking it for 15 minutes in boiling water. In this way, it will be ready to be tasted with butter and garlic when breaking the shell. However, the most popular way to prepare it in Canada is boiling it along with a little corn. You can taste this popular Montreal food at any time of the year in good restaurants in the provinces of Quebec, which is close to the coast.

4. Oysters

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Oysters have been one of the main species of seafood to be produced commercially in Canada, along with trout. This country has been known for exporting delicious oysters that you will certainly not want to miss on your vacation. If you would like to prepare it at home, heating a pan and sautéing garlic will be the first thing you’ll do. Then, you can add the oysters with chopped coriander, deglazed with white wine. After a few minutes, add breadcrumbs, mix and let it rest until all is ready. You can also find oysters as a starter in most Montreal restaurants since it is a popular Montreal food. It is usually served with a little lemon juice to give them an acid touch. 

5. Clams

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Clams have an exquisite oyster-like flavor. Many people think that clams and oysters are the same. No, it is important to note that they are quite different. Although both are representative foods of Canada, the truth is that clam meat is preferred by many due to its rich flavor. Without a doubt, this is a mollusk that you can’t miss eating on your visit to Montreal. You can get them in most seafood restaurants. If you want to prepare your clams, you must first fry a lot of garlic in a hot pan. Then, add the clams with finely chopped cilantro, and a little white wine. Finally, add breadcrumbs, cover, and let it rest for a while. To serve them, stir them a bit and add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon.

6. Herrings

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This is a fish with a similar appearance to sardine. It has a history that dates back to years before the Christian era, with different presentations in many cultures around the world. Herring and crackers make the tasty dish called Solomon Grundy.

You have many options about how to prepare this fish, but you will see it mostly prepared here with sour cream and onion, and accompanied with crunchy cereal flour bread chopped into small pieces, called crackers. The combination of these ingredients will give you the Solomon grundy plate. You can find the varied herring dishes in some Montreal restaurants.

7. Beaver Tail

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The beavertail is wheat dough covered in sweet ingredients. One of the most famous desserts is the beavertail, which is known for being one of the street foods in the center of Montreal. Many think that this dessert originated from the province of Quebec, which is because this dependency is where it is most abundant and has the highest number of sales. However, beavertails are typical of Ontario. It began as a family sweet in this place until in 1978 they decided to market it in Killaloe. It later spread across the country as one of Canada’s famous desserts.

Beavertails have a smooth texture, similar to that of a donut, but it can also be made with whole wheat flour. You can give the dough an elongated and oval shape, similar to a beaver’s tail, and then proceed to fry it in canola oil. In the end, you can add butter and sweet or savory elements such as chocolate and bacon, for example

8. Tourtière

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The tourtière is the typical Christmas meal in Canada. The tourtière is a meatloaf typical of Canada, specifically from the province of Quebec. You cannot avoid trying it in December, since it is one of the typical Christmas dishes in Canada and also on New Year. This recipe has a French origin, and it arrived in Quebec in the 16th century.  It’s one of the popular Montreal foods to make and is typically homemade, although you can find it in some restaurants around Christmas time, where you might get it with some bacon. There is a vegetarian version of the dish, where the filling consists of different vegetables.

It is recommended that you serve this preparation with mashed potatoes, as it will contrast with the taste. It may look like a pie until you cut it and see its delicious filling of beef or pork, even venison. You will make the dough by mixing flour and salt in a bowl and then adding butter and water. Then, you must fill this dough by lining the pot, so that you can later place the ground meat filling in the center of the said dough.

9. Peameal Bacon

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Peameal bacon is one of the popular Montreal foods from Canadian cuisines that you will love the most. This dish originated from the city of Toronto but was brought by immigrants from England, who came to Canada during the 18th century. Canadians later began to prepare it.

If you are a big fan of bacon and sandwiches, you will see it is composed of thin slices of bacon cut from the pork loin and wrapped in cornmeal. You can taste the peameal bacon served in sandwiches, which is a perfect dish both at breakfast and during lunch. To get this dish, which is one of the popular Montreal foods, you can go to taste it in different cafes or restaurants in the city.

10. Smoked Meat

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In 1984 the first butcher shop in this country that sold smoked meat opened its doors, and since then it has become one of the most popular dishes in Canada. The origin of smoked meat is in Central Europe during the 19th century, and its preparation process is somewhat slow. This is because you must let the meat marinate for a few days in its juice so that it has the right taste. Despite this, your wait will be worth it, since it is one of the popular Montreal foods that you should taste during your trip. 

You will usually get the smoked meat presented inside a sandwich; typically a tall row of meat is served inside the loaf and you can choose the part of the brisket of your choice. Some compare it to the famous New York pastrami. You will see this delight not only in Montreal but throughout Canada, from restaurants to street stalls.

11. Macaroni & Cheese

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Mac and cheese, a recipe you’ve heard about so many times, is one of the most famous fast foods served in Canada. This is due to how popular it has become over the years, being also a very inexpensive dish. Being so popular, the Kraft brand released an easy-to-make version for North America, which later spread to the rest of the world. You can get this version in most markets on your visit to Canada. It is even fast to prepare, as it comes with powdered cheddar cheese.

Among the typical dishes of Canada and their recipes, you will notice that this one has no difficulty when preparing it. You only need short pasta and cheddar cheese with a little milk, although you can also choose to add breadcrumbs.

12. Sandwich boeuf fumé (Smoked meat sandwich)

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The sandwich is a smoked meat dish perfect for brunch. The boeuf fumé sandwich is known for being one of the cheapest sandwiches and for being a  typical Canadian smoked meat snack brought by immigrants from Central Europe, specifically from Romania. Currently, it is common for you to find it in Montreal. You can make the sandwich with extremely simple ingredients, without any difficulty, starting with whole grain or rye artisan bread. Then, you accompany with slices of smoked beef and finally add pickles and a touch of mustard. You can also accompany it with rich and healthy coleslaw.

This dish is available anywhere in Montreal, both in gourmet restaurants and fast-food stalls. It can be accompanied by French fries or salad, depending on your preference. If you are lucky, you will be able to find establishments where you can see how they make the cuts to the meat that will be served in your sandwich.

13. Maple Syrup

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The ideal companion for your pancakes is Maple Syrup. Maple syrup has its beginnings in the tribes of Canada and the United States, where indigenous people learned many years ago to collect maple sap and later transform it into syrup. Today this tradition continues and has become an important part of Canada’s popular foods, so much so that the flag of this country bears a leaf from this tree.

This mixture has a mildly sweet taste, the intensity of which can be measured by its color. It is known for its high nutritional values ​​and it accompanies all kinds of desserts. The maple syrup season is in the spring and the province that produces the most maple syrup is Quebec.

You can get it at restaurants or food outlets throughout Montreal. Normally, they are presented with the pancakes at breakfast, while in the markets you can get bottled syrup, at different prices depending on the brand and origin. One place you cannot miss if you visit Quebec is a Sugar Shack, where they will show you the process of producing this icon of Canadian culture.

14. Montreal bagels

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Much like the donut, Montreal bagels are a Montreal tradition. Bagels arrived in this territory with the Jewish immigrants and became one of the popular Montreal foods. It has an appearance similar to the famous donuts, although their dough is dense and sweeter. Traditionally, they are made in the oven with firewood and the most common are with sesame seeds.

The special touch of this dessert can be given with honey, by placing it in the pre-cooking water of the bagels. Later, you are going to put them in the oven. It is recommended that when you go to eat them you accompany them with natural fruit jams and, if there is availability, do not hesitate to try them with cream cheese and smoked salmon. In short, this is one of the foods and traditions of Canada that you must have on your to-do list as a tourist.

There are places made exclusively to sell bagels in Montreal. You can see the competition between St-Viateur Bagel Shop and Fairmount Bagel, both traditional places. Some establishments even make demonstrations of the traditional wood-burning preparation of these rich sweets, so that you can then prepare them at home properly.

15. Berry cream pie

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This is one of the typical Canadian desserts that consist of a creamy cheesecake with a topping of different fresh berries, such as raspberries and blueberries, although you can also add strawberries. It is a homemade recipe, although you can get it in some restaurants in Montreal. It is known for its high levels of sugar, so it will fill you with a lot of energy.

To make this popular Montreal food, you need the basic ingredients of pie and berries. First, you must make the base, which is like a cookie and, while it bakes, you prepare the creamy cheese-based filling. Finally, you decorate with rich and nutritious fruits. Some people prepare the base like a cake, so it is a little softer.

It is recommended that you try out any of these popular Montreal foods and delight your palate with such a diversity of dishes from the Canadian cuisines. If you don’t have much time to dine out, we recommend that you use food delivery services like eezly to place your food orders. Do you know any other popular Montreal foods that we haven’t mentioned? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.

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