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Thank you for your interest in eezly! Here are our companies information and a few guidelines to follow before using our brand resources. If you have any questions, feel free to reach our PR team at, we’d love to chat with you!

  • Born in Montreal, our mission is to accelerate information transparency and empower consumers by simplifying choices through easy access to essential data, aligning purchases with immediate priorities.

    Our response to rising inflation is centered on assisting families in saving money, underscoring our focus on economic sustainability and enhancing community financial security.

  • Obsessed with efficiency
    Create the best experience. Always.

    Uncompromising transparency
    We are believers in transparency. Everywhere.

    Simplicity above all
    Keeping it simple for everyone. All the time.

  • Unlike flyer and coupon apps that showcase promotional items, eezly lets you compare thousands of products, discounted or not. Often, regular-priced items can be cheaper than discounted ones elsewhere. eezly also enables you to compare and optimize the total cost of your grocery list.


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