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Crazy Things! You Didn’t Know About Best Foods In Montreal going into 2022

Montreal is a paradise for food lovers. The culinary scene in the city offers an opportunity for foodies to explore different kinds of flavors around the world. Dining in Montreal allows taking part in a different and special culinary experience. 

Defining the best food in Montreal is subjective. Most of the time, people think of the local dishes (like poutine, bagels, etc.) that have been characterized with Montreal and Quebec region to be the best food in Montreal. However, that is not always true. The reason is due to the multiplicity of ethnic cultures that have led to the availability of many international cuisines in the city. Therefore, it may not be a fair judgment to list only Montreal foods as the best foods in Montreal, since there are several cuisines available in the city.

If you’d like to know the top 10 foods in Montreal, we recommend that you read this post. You can also read out about the popular Montreal foods so that you can acquaint yourself with dishes from the city. In this article, our list of the best food in Montreal is inspired by how often people search for them. These are some of the foods that food lovers and diners like you search for like crazy. These foods receive a high search volume in Montreal and Canada as a whole and they are not Montreal dishes.


the best foods in Montreal | TONKATSU SAUCE | eezly

This is an extremely popular Japanese dish sauce that we recommend that you try in Montreal. Tonkatsu sauce is a tangy, sweet, and sour sauce with a slightly spicy flavor. It is very similar to barbecue sauce. Creamy in appearance, dark-reddish brown in color, and silky in texture, its characteristics are given by the ingredients that make it up. It is meant to be an accompanying sauce for tonkatsu – a deep-fried breaded pork chop (with panko, the Japanese breadcrumbs). 

The sauce is exquisite. Its use can be extended to many other dishes, especially those with meat or rolls that do not already have a sauce and require something to dip. It is also being used to accompany and garnish various types of cuts of meat, battered fish. You can also use it to complete and enhance other dishes such as sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, hamburgers, fried chicken, pork, tofu, and various other dishes.


Despite being presented as a Japanese dish, tonkatsu is a European recipe, specifically from Portugal. It is believed that the Japanese tonkatsu sauce is an adaptation of the English Worcestershire sauce, originated from European travelers to the most remote points of Asia. These were specifically the Portuguese that went to Japan.


According to Japanese cuisine literature, the original recipe for this sauce lies primarily in mixing fruits and vegetables, spices, and fermented extracts. So it includes the following ingredients: tomatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, celery, plums, lemon, apples, dates, and a set of spices with soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, sifted flour, very cold water, soy, or salt, egg, and sake. The result is an elegant, light, and crispy batter. However, it is assured that the technique is of Japanese origin from China due to the great use that that nation has given it.

Most homemade tonkatsu sauce recipes have Worcestershire or Worcester sauce as the main ingredient, plus tomato paste, sake, and ginger. In addition to being able to make it at home with the help of Worcestershire sauce, it is possible to buy packaged tonkatsu sauce, many of them from manufacturers of the highest prestige.


Contains antioxidant vitamins

It stands out for its content in the trio of antioxidant vitamins C, E, and A. The three vitamins prevent tissue degeneration, premature aging and collaborate with the immune system.

• Many of its ingredients contain lycopene

One of the great virtues of tomato is its lycopene content, which helps provide extraordinary protection against cardiovascular diseases, reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes, Alzheimer’s, blindness, deafness, among other disorders associated with premature aging.

• Prevents cancer

It is also attributed to an important anticancer effect concerning several organs, especially the kidney, prostate, lung, intestine, stomach, and lungs.


One question that we have come across in various Internet forums is whether the tonkatsu sauce is spicy. The answer is no. It is not characterized by being a hot sauce, but by being bittersweet. Even so, it has slightly strong ingredients such as garlic and ginger that make it a less sweet sauce than ketchup, for example. 


In the absence of tonkatsu sauce, ponzu, and barbecue sauces, they can also season a large number of dishes, so they can be a perfect substitute. As well as soy sauce and white wine vinegar. It is noted that from the tonkatsu sauce you can prepare the sauce for pasta, pizzas should only give it a touch of soy sauce and ketchup sauce.


image taken from willde chips instagram page

The wild chip is a chicken strips with a crunchy batter of potato chips. This food is usually varied by changing its flavor. This is done by adding spices to the chicken or using flavored chips from ham, peasant, cheese, etc. I will say that this is one of the best foods that children and adults alike in Montreal. Wilde chip is healthy food and it is friendly for both paleo and keto dieters.  

It is perfect to take with a fresh salad and a sauce of your choice, such as aioli, mayonnaise, brava sauce, tartar sauce, etc. In the restaurant, we had it with red wine and at home, we have made it with cold beer, and in both cases it was delicious!


We will show you how to prepare strips of chicken breast with a crispy batter made with potato chips if you’d like to prepare it at home. The ingredients required include 300g of chicken breast, potato chips (plain or flavored), one egg, flour (for coating), pepper (to taste), and salt.

The first step is to mash the french fries (a thin strip of deep-fried potatoes) to your liking. If you don’t want to add spices to the breasts, you can use peasant-flavored fries. Cut the chicken breasts into strips and salt very lightly, since the fries already have a lot of salt. Add a little freshly ground pepper. Pass the breast strips in flour, and add a beaten egg and the crushed French fries, until they are well covered. Fry the breast strips in plenty of hot oil. Take it out and put it on an absorbent paper to eliminate excess oil. 

Now your delicious chicken strips with crispy batter flavored with French fries is ready; another fun way to eat chicken. You can also bake the breast strips already in the batter instead of frying them. Doing that will help to reduce some calories from the recipe.


the best foods in Montreal | chana masala | eezly

This is a tasty, easy-to-make vegan tomato-based chickpea-based Indian stew. Though the name sounds exotic, Chana masala means Chickpeas Stew; (Chana) spiced (masala). This dish is very easy to make and can also be adapted to everyone’s palate. Chana Masala can be served with white rice or any other food that needs a stew.


After giving you a few lists of the best foods in Montreal, we provide you with a list of some of the best restaurants where you can savor your taste with some international cuisines in Montreal. You can also learn more about the best Montreal restaurants by reading our post on the 21 best restaurants in Montreal in 2021. 

Ethiopian Restaurant in Montreal: Nil Bleu

the best foods in Montreal | Nil Bleu | eezly

If you have not yet had a taste of Ethiopian food, Nil Bleu is the most delightful place to dine. You can choose from a variety of cooked dishes, such as chicken, lamb or legumes. All dishes are served with a type of crepe, through which the delicious food is absorbed. Of course, eating with your hands makes the experience even more cheerful. Address: 3706 Rue Saint-Denis Montreal, QC H2X 3L7. Website:

Brazilian Restataurant: Lele Da Cuca

the best foods in Montreal | Lele Da Cuca | eezly

A purse-friendly Brazilian restaurant that is very tasty. You can try Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish while enjoying the local Brazilian songs played by a local guitarist. It is recommended to book a place in advance. Bring your beer or wine. Address: 70 Rue Marie-Anne Est Montréal, QC. Website:

Syrian Restaurant in Montreal: Kaza Maza Café-Resto

the best foods in Montreal | Kaza Maza Café-Resto | eezly

The potatoes, seasoned with cumin and coriander with a simple and charming garnish, are the most delicious in town. The Syrian restaurant owner is friendly and sometimes walks among the people and talks to them while filling glasses of water for customers. Towards the end of the week, many share songs and music as the restaurant becomes a temporary cultural center. Address: 4629 Avenue du Parc Montreal, QC, H2V 4E4 Website:

Chinese Restaurant in Montreal: Restaurant Beijing

the best foods in Montreal | Restaurant Beijing | eezly

You can tell that this is an authentic Chinese restaurant when you see Chinese families dining at the place. The restaurant is located, unsurprisingly, in the heart of Chinatown in Montreal. You may have to wait a bit for the table, but it’s worth it. The chicken in lemon and the Chinese broccoli are recommended. Address: 92 Rue De La Gauchetiere O Montreal, QC H2Z 1C1. Website:

Mexican Restaurant in Montreal: Chipotle & Jalapeño

the best foods in Montreal | Chipotle & Jalapeño | eezly

An authentic Mexican restaurant in the Gay Village, Montreal. It is recommended to start with one of the traditional and delicious soups. Continue with a bean burrito and finish with flan or whipped cream. If you liked what you ate, buy the ingredients and recreate the magic! Address: 1481, Amherst St., Montreal Quebec. Website:

France Restaurant in Montreal: Alexandre Restaurant

the best foods in Montreal | Alexandre Restaurant | eezly

You will be convinced that you are sitting in a Parisian bistro, in this charming restaurant. The place boasts of its unpretentiousness, which ironically, is very un-French on its part. You can try the onion soup and dip it in French bread, wholeheartedly. Address: 1454 Peel Street, Montreal. Website:

Indian Restaurant in Montreal: Resto Bombay Mahal

the best foods in Montreal | Resto Bombay Mahal | eezly

Within walking distance, you will have an amazing and cheap meal, to the point of ridicule. The restaurant is located in the heart of Park X, in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, in Canada. Bombay Mahal serves the chicken in butter, the best in the Western Hemisphere. You can ask for the level of spiciness in the various foods. Address: 1001, rue Jean-Talon Ouest Montreal, QC H3N 1T2. Website:

Portuguese Restaurant in Montreal: Chez Doval

the best foods in Montreal | Chez Doval | eezly

There are many options for Portuguese-style food, along Saint Laurent Avenue, from sumptuous cafes to very cheap places. Chez Doval restaurant is cozy, warm, and romantic. The menu has a wide variety of dishes. The recommended dish is the classic grilled chicken, which always does the job. Address: 150, rue Marie-Anne Est, Montreal, QC H2W 1A5. Website:

Afghanistan Restaurant in Montreal: Khyber Pass Cuisine Afghane

the best foods in Montreal |  Pass Cuisine Afghane | eezly

For the average food lover, Afghan cuisine is not the first choice. But it is precisely the cooking, with the simple ingredients, such as yogurt, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, that combine, creating wonderful Mediterranean dishes. Address: 506 Ave Duluth Est Montreal, QC H2L. Phone:  (514) 844-7131

Quebec: Aix Cuisine Du Terroir

the best foods in Montreal |

If you are already visiting Montreal, you must also taste the local food, typical of the Quebec region. Many claims that Poutine is the national dish and can be found throughout the city. But for real pampering and pleasure, it is recommended to come to this restaurant in Montreal. The menu has seasonal considerations, this is to make sure the food is local and also fresh. Address: 711 Old Montréal, Quebec, Cote De La Place d’Armes. Website:

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you to discover some of the best foods in Montreal that people are searching for, and where you can get different cuisines from around the world. If you are a busy eater in Montreal, we recommend that you use a food delivery service like eezly. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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