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What is a Food Hack? A Whole Hacking List For Your Next Meal Prep

A kitchen hack often called a food hack, is used by home cooks and experts to make food preparation processes easier, faster, or more efficient. Several social media kitchen hacks have been widespread, and some have been proven useless, fake, unsafe, or some are just not worth the effort.

There are many different types of food hacks. You can use hacking to save time or make things easier for yourself. You may use fresh ingredients or hacks to make things healthier. Making tiny changes to recipes you already use is the best way to start hacking. Experiment with different ingredients and cooking methods.

1. Tasty food hacks you can easily repeat

Tasty food hacks you can easily repeat

The best part of cooking is, without a doubt, eating. That is why we are always on the lookout for clever culinary shortcuts so we can spend more time enjoying life (and dinner!). These brilliant food hacks result in delectable, inventive dishes that will impress you and anybody else who sees them.

Try these easy food hacks and choose which one suits your need. You will eventually acquire the knack of making substitutions and will be able to manage just on the basis of hazy concepts rather than complete recipes. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Make jam in the microwave. If you can eat peanut butter and jelly all day, every day, you are in for a delicious treat that will also save you money. Strawberry, sugar, lemon juice, a mason jar, and, of course, the microwave is all you need for this recipe. Mix the proper amount of these ingredients, microwave them for 15 minutes, and prepare your jam.
  • In a burrito bowl, use canned jackfruit instead of pulled pork. The vegetarian-friendly choice, covered in barbecue sauce, has a feel comparable to meat.
  • Boil potatoes, mash them and add ingredients of your choice. Smashed potatoes give a strong base for all of your desired toppings, such as jalapeno, cheese, avocado, sour cream, and whatever else comes to mind.
  • Make mini cheeseburger muffins in a muffin tin. These mess-free (and cute) cheeseburger muffins are made and baked in a muffin tin, allowing you to get dinner on the table in no time. You can also take this home as an amazing road trip food hack. It will save a lot of time preparing food for your little ones for travel.
  • Make pizza in a mug. Although the entire pizza seems appealing, there are occasions when one dish is all that is required. The fresh basil, soft dough, and tempting cheese of the pie you know and love are all packed into a single-serving mug recipe. Bake it and eat it.
  • Make banana bread with overripe bananas. Fear not if your bananas turn out to be black or brown. Overripe bananas are sweeter and simpler to mash into the batter, so they are ideal for baking. Banana bread is a common way to use the fruit, and this version adds cocoa nibs and a slug of espresso.
  • Do not merely sprinkle salt on your favorite movie snack if you are an umami lover. Combine soy sauce and melted butter and drizzle over plain popcorn to make a savory treat.
  • Waffles are traditionally made using flour, entire eggs, milk, and vegetable oil, but you can also use protein powder, egg whites, and mashed bananas to make delicious waffles. These protein-packed, low-carb waffles turn out to be quite tasty! They are crunchy on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside, and they taste doughy despite the lack of flour.

2. Clever food hacks to make in 5 minutes

Clever food hacks to make in 5 minutes

Over time, we have gathered a lot of interesting food hacks (we call them eezly hacks), and many of them came from the depths of the internet. We could watch videos of creative kitchen hacks for hours, learning to cook smarter and faster. And we all are looking for some easy but clever food hacks to try in our kitchen. So, for the food hacks lover family of eezly, here are some more eezly food hacks for you to take home:

  • Make a chocolate cup: Put a disposable glass over a water bottle and then pour hot chocolate over the glass. Let it dry, and you will see a glass of chocolate, fill this glass with different ingredients of your choice.
  • Make strawberry lollipops: Take a chopstick and insert it into the tip of the strawberry. Dip this strawberry in white hot chocolate and then in batter. Dip the strawberry in hot oil and let it brown.
  • Decor acke with food color: Take a small spray bottle ( not in use). Put a tablespoon of liquid color in the spray bottle. Now spray this color onto the cake.
  • Make omelet in a mug: Grease a cup with oil. Add one tablespoon of milk to the egg after it has been cracked open. Stir everything together thoroughly. Then add one tablespoon of shredded cheese, chicken pieces, finely chopped capsicum, oregano, and salt to taste. Microwave the omelet material on high for one minute.

3. Genius tips and tricks to save time and money

Genius tips and tricks to save time and money

Are you fed up with wasting your food? Want to reduce your grocery bill? There are a plethora of options for achieving both goals! We have compiled a collection of time and money-saving kitchen hacks below. They are quick and straightforward to put together, but they are really effective. You may avoid food waste and save money by cooking at home more often if you follow our advice.

Learn how to create whipped cream in a container and separate eggs with a plastic bottle in this collection of food hacks. How to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder and how to make the dough rise faster are just a few of our food tips and tricks.

  • Keep bananas fresh: Wrap the stem ends of bananas in plastic wrap to keep them fresher for longer. You can wrap them altogether if you wish but individually is preferable.
  • Whip cream in a jar: Simply pour the double cream into a jar. Put the lid on and double-check that it is securely closed. With just 30 seconds of vigorous shaking, you can have flawlessly whipped cream to sandwich between two cakes, pour on top of hot cocoa, or spread over pancakes as a delicious dessert.
  • Stop brown sugar clumping: Is your brown sugar clumpy all of the time? Do not be concerned. In the jar, place a slice of bread. Any moisture in the sugar will be absorbed, preventing it from sticking together.
  • Use frozen fruits as ice cubes: Simply select your preferred fruits and place them on a greaseproof paper-lined tray or board. After an hour or so in the freezer, you will have sweet, frozen fruits that you can use to chill your drinks. Serve with natural yogurt or ice cream to transform frozen fruit into a delightful breakfast or healthy dessert. In a blender, mash or blitz strawberry to produce your own sauce.
  • Remove egg yolk with plastic bottle: You will need a plastic bottle (we used a medium one) and a few broken eggs that need to be separated. Simply place the bottle on top of the egg yolk, gently squeeze the bottle with your hand, and watch as the yolk is sucked up into the bottle as you relax your grip.
  • Make hot chocolate without cocoa powder:If you get to the cabinet and realize that you are out of cocoa powder, you still have a choice if you have your favorite chocolate bar on hand. To create hot chocolate, simply warm some milk on the stovetop or in the microwave, then stir in chunks of your chocolate bar. You have got yourself a mouth-watering mug of silky, traditional hot chocolate if you stir, stir, and stir some more.
  • Make dough rise faster: Are you in a hurry to make bread? Put the basin where you are proving the dough on a heating pad or stand next to a hot water bottle to speed up the rising time. It will significantly accelerate the procedure.

4. Food hacks that will change your life

Food hacks that will change your life

These easy food hacks will forever transform how you prepare food in the kitchen. They will make your life a whole lot easier and solve problems you did not even realize you had.

Have you ever witnessed someone in the kitchen doing something inventive? Then, prepare yourself because these brilliant food hacks are about to blow your head.

  • Keep your brownies fresh: Add a slice of bread to the airtight container to keep the cookies soft. You will thank us later when your cookies are still delicious days later- if they last that long!
  • Cut your fruits in fine slices: Use a sharp knife bathed in hot water and dried before cutting to cut your cake or cheesecake like a pro. You will get beautiful pieces if you do this before each cut.
  • The simplest way to cut a tomato: Do you want to know how to cut a tomato in the simplest way possible? Remove the end and place the knife on its other end. Without cutting all the way through, cut in one direction. Slice in the same direction after rotating 90 degrees. Then turn it over and cut all the way through.
  • When cutting an onion, say no to tears: Do not let onions make you cry. Freeze this flavorful vegetable before slicing to avoid onion-induced tears. This method only works if you plan on cooking the onions afterward; otherwise, the uncooked bits will become mushy as the onion thaws.
  • Use a spoon to peel kiwi: Cut the ends off using a knife, then insert the spoon into the skin and go around until it is entirely peeled.
  • Slice cherry tomatoes using two plates: Slice cherry tomatoes in a single motion using two plates. Place them on a plate, cover them with a second plate, and cut them in half bypassing your knife between the two plates.
  • Make Buttermilk with Vinegar: Regular milk can be made into buttermilk by adding one tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup milk and sitting for 10 minutes.
  • Make Perfectly Round Cookies: Take a glass and gently jiggle it over the freshly baked cookies. It molds freshly baked cookies into the appropriate circle form.

5. Easy food hacks that will change the way you cook

Easy food hacks that will change the way you cook

If you are a regular cook, you will understand how satisfying it is to find a solution to reduce the time it takes to complete an everyday kitchen chore by half. We have gathered a few things along the way, so we mentioned them to share knowledge with you.

Some of these hacks will save your time, and some will make your task easier. Let’s look at some food hacks that will change the way you cook.

  • Difficulty to peel eggshell – add vinegar: When cooking eggs, adding a dash of vinegar to the water helps the shell peel off more easily. Get rid of the pieces of tiny eggshells.
  • Microwave the lemons: Microwave a whole lemon for 20-30 seconds on high to avoid the sorrow of an un-squeezy lemon (get the maximum amount of juice). It will only take a few minutes to release the juices, but do not overdo it and dry off the flesh.
  • Make instant flatbread: You can always have bread on hand if you keep plain flour in the cupboard. Simply combine one mug of plain flour with 1-2 teaspoons olive oil per person, then gradually add cold water until the dough is soft smooth. Divide the dough into balls and roll out to a thickness of 2mm before dry frying in a nonstick pan. It will just take a few minutes, and they will be prepared when both sides have golden brown patches all over them.
  • Make your own breadcrumbs: Make your own dry breadcrumbs by grinding stale bread on the coarse side of a grater and then spread the crumbs on a baking sheet in a thin layer. Preheat the oven to 140°C and bake for 30 minutes, shaking the pan halfway through. The golden, crispy crumbs will last for two weeks in a sealed container.
  • Steam eggs: With a few water splashes, achieve the ideal white and runny yolk set. Fry the eggs in a nonstick pan, and when the whites are almost ready, add a few drops of water, rapidly cover the pan with a lid, and turn the heat down to low or off altogether to finish cooking.

Bottom Line

Well, this is it for now. Food hacks are more of a trend nowadays. Millions of people worldwide use their search engines to search for easy food hacks, easy food delivery hacks, road trip food hacks, clever food hacks, food hacks to change the cooking style, and the list goes on. But the main aim of everyone searching for easy food hacks is to make their cooking style more innovative and inventive. So, if you are also the one, we hope our article here is helpful for you.

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