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eezly launches a new free app allowing Quebecers to save up to 50% on groceries.

Updated: Jun 1

Montreal, May 30, 2024 – In response to rising inflation, eezly, a Montreal-based tech company, is launching a free app that allows Quebecers to save up to 50% on their grocery bills.

eezly stands out from the competition by enabling consumers to easily compare prices on more than 10,000 products offered by major grocery chains in Quebec. Additionally, eezly automatically generates an optimized grocery list based on the banners selected by the user.

Phil Dallaire, CEO of eezly, states: "In the current economic climate, eezly helps Quebec families save up to 50% on their grocery bills by allowing them to compare product prices every week through a free platform."

Oasis, Natrel, and Monsieur Gustav are featured with eezly

For its launch, eezly is proud to have the marketing participation of major Quebec brands in the food industry. The brands Oasis, Natrel, and Monsieur Gustav will be featured in promotions on the platform at the time of launch.

Enrico Del Grande, Digital Director of Lassonde, mentions: "We are proud to partner with an innovative Quebec company that offers a concrete solution for Quebecers to reduce their grocery bills."

eezly attracts attention on "Dans l'Oeil du Dragon."

To raise awareness of their company and support its growth, eezly's co-founders presented their solution on the show "Dans l’Oeil du Dragon" on May 29th. The episode concluded with an investment proposal from two of the dragons, Georges Karam and David Côté.

Download eezly for free now!

- Apple : 

- Android : 

About eezly

Founded in Montreal, eezly offers a price comparison technology platform that allows consumers to save up to 50% on groceries. For more information, visit

Contact us

Phil Dallaire, PDG, eezly  

Email : 

Main Features of eezly

  1. Search through more than 10,000 available products

  2. Create your grocery list on the app

  3. Compare the total price of your list across different banners

  4. Optimize your list across stores to maximize your savings

  5. Shop at one or multiple grocery stores

1. Search -> 2. Create Your List -> 3. Compare -> 4. Optimize -> 5. Shop 

Link to our media kit:

Link to a demo video: 

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